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Just the facts, ma’am

Dear Ed­i­tor: I think the ed­i­to­rial board should give the read­ers their opin­ions on mat­ters im­por­tant to the com­mu­nity.

My prob­lem is when a re­porter, in this case Rachael Oswald, takes off her re­porters hat and puts on the hat of a colum­nist. It just blurs the lines.

Now, we all know that the vast ma­jor­ity of the me­dia are in the tank for Obama; there is no doubt about it.

So now we know that Oswald is also way out there in left field af­ter her jab of Gov. Palin.

We don’t need to know where a re­porter stands on is­sues.

In fact we don’t even want to know. I think Oswald needs to stay in the news-

room or be given a col­umn.

False prom­ises

Dear Ed­i­tor: The re­sponses on the on­go­ing melt­down of the econ­omy are amaz­ing. The Repub­li­cans want to weather th­ese “cor­rec­tions.” The Democrats want to blame the Repub­li­cans.

Nei­ther one of them rec­og­nizes that un­re­strained greed, whether for en­ti­tle­ment pro­grams, mil­i­tary con­tracts or real es­tate loans, is at the root of the cur­rent eco­nomic fail­ure. What we need is gov­ern­ment that rec­og­nizes our short­com­ings as peo­ple and

Grier Liv­ingston Sims


sets up con­trols and lim­its on our­selves. That was the ge­nius of the founders of this coun­try. They did not imag­ine us as any bet­ter than we are (un­like Obama), nor were they fool­ishly trust­ing (un­like McCain).

We should ask the candidates what they will ex­pect of us as in­di­vid­u­als, or­ga­ni­za­tions and cor­po­ra­tions, to make things right again. So far all I have heard is that some­body else will pay for it (Democrats) or there will be pie in the sky by and by (Repub­li­cans). Those an­swers don’t work for me, nor will they work for the coun­try as a whole I sus­pect.

Pa­trick Du­rusau


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