Ju­ve­nile ar­rested af­ter tantrum over pet­ting zoo

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An of­fi­cer from the Cov­ing­ton Po­lice Depart­ment re­sponded to a call about a fight be­tween a ju­ve­nile male and his sis­ter Sun­day morn­ing and ended up is­su­ing a plethora of charges against the young man, who was re­port­edly an­gry about a can­celed trip to the pet­ting zoo.

When the of­fi­cer ar­rived he no­ticed to young man had sev­eral scratches on his face and was walk­ing across the road car­ry­ing a small bi­cy­cle. He also ap­peared to be yelling be­hind him at a fe­male on the porch of a home on Avery Street, ac­cord­ing to re­ports.

The of­fi­cer al­legedly yelled at the youth to drop the bike and he com­plied. He then told the boy to come and speak with them and the youth re­port­edly re­fused, us­ing pro­fan­i­ties. The ju­ve­nile was told sev­eral times to come and speak with the of­fi­cer and each time he re­fused us­ing pro­fan­ity, ac­cord­ing to re­ports. The of­fi­cer fi­nally threat­ened to use his Taser on the boy if he didn’t stop and grabbed him by the shirt. The boy re­port­edly at­tempted to jerk free and al­legedly told the of­fi­cer to shoot him.

Dur­ing the scuf­fle the ju­ve­nile and the of­fi­cer were in the mid­dle of the road, ac­cord­ing to re­ports, and the of­fi­cer was able to ma­neu­ver the boy into the grass, per­form a leg sweep and place the ju­ve­nile on the ground. The boy re­port­edly con­tin­ued to wres­tle with the of­fi­cer and was placed in hand­cuffs and then in the back of the pa­trol car.

Ac­cord­ing to re­ports, the of­fi­cer then spoke with the ju­ve­nile’s sis­ter who re­port­edly said the young man was mad be­cause they were not go­ing to the pet­ting zoo. He re­port­edly took the bat­tery from his sis­ter’s cell phone and when she told him to give it back the ar­gu­ment en­sued. The mother of the two then al­legedly left the res­i­dence be­cause of the ar­gu­ing.

Re­ports in­di­cate that once the mother left, the brother and sis­ter con­tin­ued to ar­gue and the sis­ter al­legedly told her brother that if he didn’t calm down he could leave. The ju­ve­nile then re­port­edly walked to­ward the door, turned around and hit her sev­eral times. She then al­legedly fell to the floor and he con­tin­ued to hit her in the head and face with a closed fist, ac­cord­ing to re­ports.

The sis­ter al­legedly told the of­fi­cer that while her brother was at­tack­ing her, her 1-year-old daugh­ter was cry­ing next to him and the ju­ve­nile al­legedly hit the child twice on the head with a closed fist. The sis­ter then re­port­edly struck her brother sev­eral times in or­der to get him off of her so she could help her daugh­ter.

Re­ports in­di­cate that the child was trans­ported to New­ton Med­i­cal Cen­ter. The of­fi­cer re­port­edly did not no­tice any marks on the child but he did al­legedly see blood on the left side of the ju­ve­nile’s sis­ter’s mouth.

Once the ju­ve­nile was at the po­lice depart­ment he al­legedly said that he had taken the bat­tery from his sis­ter’s cell phone and that when they be­gan ar­gu­ing his mother did leave the res­i­dence. But, ac­cord­ing to him, when his mother left, his sis­ter re­port­edly shoved him against the wall and he pushed her back which caused her to fall to the floor. While on the floor his sis­ter al­leg- edly tried to hit him, which is when he hit her back and she scratched him on the face.

The ju­ve­nile also re­port­edly told the of­fi­cer that his sis­ter then went to their neigh­bor’s house and called the po­lice and when she came back out­side she had a kitchen knife with her and he picked up a bi­cy­cle.

The ju­ve­nile was re­leased to his aunt and a com­plaint form was filed against him on charges of ob­struc­tion of a po­lice of­fi­cer and two counts of bat­tery.

Girl­friend punched

Deputies from the New­ton County Sher­iff’s Of­fice were called to Fal­con Ridge Drive af­ter a man re­port­edly punched his girl­friend in the face be­cause he thought she was cheat­ing on him.

In the wee hours of Sun­day morn­ing, a deputy ar­rived on the scene and spoke with a woman who re­port­edly said that 42-year-old Regi­nald Dean Kel­ley had punched her in the face. The deputy re­port­edly no­ticed the woman’s left eye was swollen and red on the left side of her face. She al­legedly told the deputy she had been off with a friend and was dropped off down the street from her res­i­dence so she would not have any con­tact with Kel­ley.

The woman al­legedly told the deputy that she that she was walk­ing up Fal­con Ridge when Kel­ley ap­proached her and asked her where she had been and she said she did not an­swer him, ac­cord­ing to re­ports. He then al­legedly grabbed her arm and turned her to­wards him then struck her in the face.

The deputy spoke with Kel­ley and asked him if he had hit the woman to which he al­legedly replied, “ Yes I did.” When asked why he hit her, Kel­ley re­port­edly told the deputy that he be­lieved she had been cheat­ing on him with an­other man and when she wouldn’t talk to him, he hit her in the face with his fist.

Kel­ley was told he was go­ing to be placed un­der ar­rest for bat­tery and he re­port­edly told the deputy he un­der­stood. He was placed un­der ar­rest and trans­ferred to the New­ton County De­ten­tion Cen­ter.

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