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She was treated by EMS for her in­juries and New­ton County An­i­mal Con­trol took pos­ses­sion of the dogs. Ac­cord­ing to Mitchell when the deputies ar­rived at the scene the dogs be­came ag­gres­sive to­ward him to a point where he was forced to use his Taser to in­ca­pac­i­tate one of the dogs, caus­ing the other to run away at that time. Both dogs were found.

The al­leged owner of the two dogs, Jef­frey Nunn, was charged with reck­less con­duct by the NCSO and run­ning at large re­sult­ing in a bite by an­i­mal con­trol. Ac­cord­ing to NCAC Di­rec­tor Teri Key- Hoosen, they also are at­tempt­ing to have the dogs de­clared as dan- ger­ous an­i­mals, which will mean a host of added re­spon­si­bil­i­ties for the owner in or­der to re­gain con­trol of the dogs.

An­i­mals who are in­volved in a bite are quar­an­tined by NCAC for 10 days be­fore they can be re­leased so the an­i­mals are cur­rently at the shel­ter.

If he re­gains con­trol of his an­i­mals af­ter they are de­clared danger­ous Nunn will be re­quired to keep the dogs in a pen with four sides, a top and a bot­tom with the sides en­cased in con­crete and a locked gate, they will have to be kept on a leash when out­side of the pen and un­der the con­trol of an adult, the owner will be re­quired to have an in­sur­ance pol­icy that cov­ers the dogs and the an­i­mals will have to be muz­zled when out in pub­lic.

Ac­cord­ing to Key- Hoosen this par­tic­u­lar owner and th­ese dogs have not had charges or com­plaints against them in the past. There have also not been an ex­ces­sive amount of com­plaints in the par­tic­u­lar area of Spillers Drive.

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