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A crim­son leaf swirls gen­tly to my feet. Au­tumn is here. When­ever I have climbed into my own rut and started tak­ing things for granted, God awak­ens me with a mag­nif­i­cent view.

I’ve al­ways con­sid­ered fall my fa­vorite sea­son. It’s filled with chilly walks, bulky sweaters and fall­ing leaves. It wasn’t un­til I started teach­ing that my love for this sea­son merged with cu­rios­ity about color changes.

So, I did a lit­tle sci­ence home­work. It seems that the bril­liant hues that we see are a re­sult of na­ture’s prepa­ra­tion for win­ter. When the leaves are green, the trees are busy man­u­fac­tur­ing their own food. As the day­light be­comes shorter and tem­per­a­tures cool, pro­duc­tion slows down. The green color fades away, and the colors that have been there all along ap­pear. Soon, the tree no longer needs the leaf to pro­duce food. The leaf falls to the earth to dry, de­com­pose and be­come mulch for the ground be­neath the branches.

The rich hues that we see have al­ways been there. We just had to wait.

Like the leaf, we work con­stantly. We make sure that ev­ery­thing and every­one is do­ing well. We raise our young, go to work and pay our bills. For those who ar­gue about whether we are here by de­sign or by ac­ci­dent, it doesn’t mat­ter. No mat­ter how in­tel­li­gent and re­source­ful, we are not self-suf­fi­cient. We can waste our lives wor­ry­ing about the amount of time that is left be­fore we are re­leased. Or, we can choose to spend our life en­joy­ing the source of our strength, our growth, and our very ex­is­tence. When our role of provider is com­plete, our beauty will be re­vealed. Then, we will gen­tly cas­cade down to rest. Our work, our love, our very life be­comes the nour­ish­ment for those who rise up and live. As we face life’s changes and chal­lenges, let us sub­mit our­selves to God. Prayer Starter:

Lord, please help me learn to let go. Speak to my heart as you di­rect the changes in my life. En­cour­age me to re­mem­ber that be­cause you are in con­trol, you will al­ways take care of me.

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