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Robert Thomp­son Allen Jr., 50, Athens, Oct. 5. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Larry Baines Jr., 53, 4180 Wash­ing­ton St., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 1. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Matthew La­mar Bishop, 30, 448 Rose­berry Road, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 2. Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act bat­tery.

Bobby Sanchez Brooks Jr., 20, At­lanta, Oct. 7. Court sen­tenced to work release.

Charles Ed­ward Brown, 39, 10140 Jef­fer­son Vil­lage, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 7. Three counts child sup­port de­fault, pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Vickie Lynn Brown, 42, 10128 Ga. High­way 36, Cov­ing­ton, oct. 2. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Christo­pher James Chris­tian, 18, 3043 Ga. High­way 81, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 7. Court sen­tenced.

Jef­fery Scott Deboer, 43, Cony­ers, Oct. 3. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Carl Lee De­la­mar Jr., 20, 85 Jack Neely Road, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 2. Fail­ure to ap­pear.

Che­nille Joy­cy­lyn Duntin, 17, 215 Winch­ester Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 4. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

Shan­non Dur­den, 44, 305 Her­itage Park, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 4. Theft by tak­ing, ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cers.

Trent Eu­gene Ed­wards, 49, Cony­ers, Oct. 1. Child sup­port de­fault.

Glenn Wal­ter Foster, 49, 600 Ridge Ave., Cov­ing­ton, oct. 3. Pos­ses­sion of co­caine.

Brian Don­ald Gay, 40, 64 Po­plar St., Por­terdale, Oct. 3. Court sen­tenced to work release.

Michael Lee Grindle Jr., 20, 65 Ap­pia Way, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 7. Fur­nish­ing to, pur­chase or pos­ses­sion of al­co­hol by per­sons un­der 21 years of age.

Wil­lie Charles Hicks, 47, 600 Ridge Ave., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 3. Pos­ses­sion of co­caine.

Hugh Perry Hoot­man

Jr., 35, 10117 Welling­ton Ridge, coivng­ton, Oct. 3. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Carl Wil­burn Hull, 68, 85 Jack Neely Road, coivng­ton, Oct. 6. Two counts fail­ure to ap­pear.

Ros­alyn Michelle Jenk­ins, 42, 3203 Mote Road, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 3. court sen­tenced.

Deone Yvette Jones, 23, 3119 Bo­han­non St., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 6. Lit­ter­ing high­way.

Regi­nald Cor­nelius Jones, 21, 20 Belmont Trail, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 7. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

John Madi­son Kel­ley, 44, Cony­ers, Oct. 1. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Kevin Ef­frid Ken­dall, 31, 795 McDon­ald Road, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 2. Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act bat­tery, sec­ond de­gree cru­elty to chil­dren, two counts child sup­port de­fault, dis­or­derly con­duct, pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Ti­mothy Copeland Lunsford, 56, Troy, Ala., Oct. 6. Elec­tronic fur­nish­ing ob­scene ma­te­rial to a mi­nor, sex­ual ex­ploita­tion of a child, com­puter pornog­ra­phy.

Shamira Mel­son McMil­lan, 32, 115 Wyn­field Dr., Por­terdale, Oct. 1. Fail­ure to ap­pear.

Markel Kadez Mitchell, 20, 100 1st Ave., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 2. Bond re­voked.

John Wayne Nol­ley, 48, 6112 Pine Glen Cir­cle, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 6. child sup­port de­fault.

Michael Carl­ton Pend­ley, 30, 846 Mace­do­nia Road, coivng­ton, Oct. 3. pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Michael Ray Reece, 39, 165 River­bend Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 6. Fail­ure to ap­pear.

Jimmy Ed­ward Reid, 37, 748 Mag­net Road, Lot 10, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 5. Ter­ror­is­tic threats and acts.

Christo­pher James Rogers, 34, Athens, Oct. 6. Court sen­tenced to work release, sim­ple bat­tery, dis­or­derly con­duct, pub­lic drunk­en­ness, in­ter­fer­ence with gov­ern­ment prop- erty, bur­glary.

Robin Kirk Rud­nit­skas, 49, Cony­ers, Oct. 1. Court sen­tenced to work release.

Lyle Vin­cent San­ders, 35, 60 Cedar Creek Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 1. Court sen­tenced to 14 days.

Ti­mothy Wayne Smith, 48, Chat­tanooga, Tenn., Oct. 3. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Robert David Sny­der, 26, 3 Birch St., Por­terdale, Oct. 6. Child sup­port de­fault.

Charles Barry Sor­rells Jr., 27, 205 Ca­role Dr., Ox­ford, Oct. 7. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Christo­pher Steve Wash­ing­ton, 26, 100 River­crest Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 6. Theft by re­ceiv­ing stolen prop­erty, pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Mar­quis J. Watkins, 23, For­est park, Oct. 6. Bat­tery.

Luther Cortez White, 25, At­lanta, Oct. 3. Fail­ure to ap­pear.

Ge­off James Young, 34, Fayet­teville, Oct. 2. Con­tempt of court.

Quincy Lewis Ashby, 30, 10161 Hen­der­son Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 3. Child sup­port de­fault.

Matthews Chris­tian Banta, 32, Cony­ers, Oct. 2. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

Ti­mothy O’Neal Barkley, 37, 7135 Green­way Cove, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 1. Ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cer, loi­ter­ing or prowl­ing.

Jeani Lee Barnes, 32, 35 Hazel St., Por­terdale, Oct. 1. DUI/al­co­hol per se, pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana less than one ounce, de­fec­tive equip­ment, DUI/al­co­hol.

Rickey Cor­nelius Barr Jr., 18, 10219 Di­nah Cir­cle, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 1. Pos­ses­sion of co­caine, pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana less than one ounce, third de­gree cru­elty to chil­dren.

Franklin Demane Bar­ring­ton, 19, 29 Hazel St., Por­terdale, Oct. 1. Fight­ing in a pub­lic place.

Bon­nie Kay Heath Beane, 43, Grif­fin, Oct. 3. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Michael Xavier Beavers, 17, 195 Fair­way Trail, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 1. Sim­ple bat­tery, dis­or­derly con­duct, ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cers, dis­rupt­ing pub­lic school.

Jerome Belcher, 43, 1515 Stone lea Dr., Ox­ford, Oct. 6. DUI/al­co­hol and drugs, im­proper lane us­age.

Terra Mon­tine Brad­ford, 30, 7 Spruce St., Por­terdale, Oct. 7. Theft by shoplift­ing.

Am­ber Nicole Brand, 21, 30 Oak­brook Lane, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 7. Surety of­fense.

Matthew Ja­cob Bringle, 43, Hepz­abah, Oct. 1. Pub­lic drunk­en­ness.

Jamal Sanchez Brown, 25, 9126 Ce­celia St., Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 2. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana less than one ounce, pos­ses­sion of firearm by con­victed felon, open con­tainer.

Jerry Robert But­ler, 31, Cony­ers, Oct. 1. Driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended, de­fec­tive equip­ment, pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana less than one ounce.

Kelli Louise Camp, 39, 17 Elm St., Por­terdale, Oct. 2. Fam­ily vi­o­lence Act bat­tery, fail­ure to ap­pear.

Yolanda Carol Cay­ton, 46, 1 Maple St., Por­terdale, oct. 7. Li­cense re­quired (sur­ren­der of).

James Ray Chan­nell, 44, Cony­ers, Oct. 4. DUI.

Joel Ed­ward Chap­man, 40, New­nan, Oct. 7. Con­tempt of court.

Adrian Ron­nell clark, 19, 505 Peb­ble Blvd, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 2. Fail­ure to sig­nal, op­er­a­tion of ve­hi­cle without cur­rent li­cense, felony pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana.

Johnny Lee Cook, 26, 431 Kirk­land Road, Apt. 4223, Cov­ing­ton, Oct. 2. Con­tempt of court, ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cer, pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

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