Crime Briefs “Dirty” men al­legedly steal­ing from Ace Hard­ware

The Covington News - - Crime & Courts - By Am­ber Pittman

Of­fi­cers from the Cov­ing­ton Po­lice Depart­ment re­sponded to a call from em­ploy­ees at Ace Hard­ware in ref­er­ence to a theft that had al­ready occurred on Tues­day morn­ing.

An em­ployee re­ported that some­one came into the store and stole roughly $2,622.34 worth of cop­per wire that is lo­cated on the shelves in the store.

The em­ployee re­port­edly told of­fi­cers he and the cashier had no­ticed a young white male in his mid-20s, de­scribed by them as ap­prox­i­mately 5’3, skinny, short blonde buzz cut – pos­si­bly bald­ing on top, with “nasty teeth” who is “dirty looking.” The cashier also re­port­edly told of­fi­cers the man “talks dif­fer­ent” like he has lit­tle ed­u­ca­tion.

The em­ploy­ees al­legedly no­ticed the male would walk from the side of the store near Cov­ing­ton Cor­ners and came into the store with a shop­ping cart. He re­port­edly filled the cart with bags of dirt and fer­til­izer and then made an ex­cuse to leave the store be­fore pay­ing for the items. They found dirt where the wire is stored.

An­other man en­tered the store and re­port­edly did the same thing. This man was de­scribed as older, short and chubby, wear­ing dirty brown shorts. This man has come in four or five times.

The em­ploy­ees hadn’t no­ticed any ve­hi­cles but re­port­edly told of­fi­cers that the younger man leaves the same way he comes in and the ol­d­er­man­leaves and heads to­wards Dunkin Donuts. Any­one with in­for­ma­tion on ei­ther man is asked to con­tact the Cov­ing­ton Po­lice Depart­ment at (770) 7867605. Callers can re­main anony­mous.

Stolen bikes

Of­fi­cers from the Cov­ing­ton Po­lice Depart­ment were called to Green­leaf Court on the morn­ing of Sept. 27 af­ter two ju­ve­niles were re­port­edly threat­ened with a shot­gun be­fore their bikes were stolen.

Ac­cord­ing to re­ports, the boys told of­fi­cers they had been rid­ing their bikes on a dirt road in the woods be­hind a res­i­dence on Laseter Street when they were ap­proached by an el­derly man hold­ing what they re­port­edly be­lieved was a shot­gun.

The ju­ve­niles said the man pointed the gun at them and told them to get off his road. The boys re­port­edly told of­fi­cers they were scared and they jumped off their bi­cy­cles and ran home. They be­lieved the man, who they called “Scace” had taken their bikes.

Of­fi­cers went to the home of “Scace” but were un­able to get any­one to come to the door. Ac­cord­ing to re­ports, just when of­fi­cers were about to leave the home a car drove up with a man, iden­ti­fied as Cleve­land Humphrey, re­port­edly driv­ing.

When asked who “Scace” was, Humphrey al­legedly told the of­fi­cers that was him. When asked about the ju­ve­niles be­ing on the road ear­lier in the day, Humphrey re­port­edly told of­fi­cers he didn’t want them on “his road” and that he had been out shoot­ing squir­rels with his BB gun and had just yelled at the boys to get off “his” road.

Humphrey was placed un­der ar­rest and charged with dis­or­derly con­duct. He­was trans­ported to the New­ton County De­ten­tion Cen­ter. The bi­cy­cles were re­turned to the ju­ve­niles.

DVD theft

A woman was ar­rested Satur­day evening af­ter she al­legedly at­tempted to steal a $10 DVD from VideoWare­house.

Deputies from the New­ton County Sher­iff’s Depart­ment were called to the store where em­ploy­ees told them the woman, iden­ti­fied as 20-year-old Larisa Ranae Shaw, came in and asked if she could have the late fees waived on the DVD she was re­turn­ing. When told that was not pos­si­ble, she seemed fine, ac­cord­ing to the re­port, and con­tin­ued brows­ing through­out the store.

She then re­turned to the counter and al­legedly asked the clerk about tanning prices for the store next door which is op­er­ated by the video store, and when she was told of the prices, she de­cided to leave the store, ac­cord­ing to re­ports. When she made her exit, the alarm re­port­edly went off.

Shaw was asked to walk through the alarm again and she com­plied. Once more it beeped, ac­cord­ing to re­ports. She was told to empty her purse and an­other em­ployee locked the door to the store to keep her from flee­ing be­fore deputies could ar­rive. As the woman be­gan to empty her purse, one of the em­ploy­ees al­legedly no­ticed a DVD fall from her per­son, at which point Shaw re­port­edly at­tempted to run from the store.

An off-duty po­lice of­fi­cer was in the store at the time, and when Shaw was able to un­lock the door and run out, he re­port­edly fol­lowed her, showed her his badge and or­dered her to stop. She al­legedly com­plied and re­turned to the store. While in the store she re­port­edly at­tempted to shove past the of­fi­cer and leave once more, and he was forced to place her on the ground to keep her re­strained un­til deputies ar­rived.

When deputies ar­rived at the scene, Shaw was al­legedly cry­ing and apol­o­giz­ing, say­ing “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to take the movie.” She re­port­edly of­fered the store any amount of money to take care of the video – which­was val­ued at $10 – but the store man­ager chose to press charges any­way.

Shaw was ar­rested and trans­ported to the New­ton County De­ten­tion Cen­ter where she was charged with theft by shoplift­ing.

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