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Wendy’s: 1120 Ga. High­way 142, Oct. 3. 100. OK to is­sue per­mit af­ter copy of fire mar­shal and pest con­trol re­port is re­ceived and fees are paid.

Luigi’s Pizza: 4143 U. S. High­way 278, Sept. 23. 100. OK to is­sue per­mit af­ter copy of pest con­trol re­port is re­ceived and fees are paid.

Big Daddy’s Trop­i­cal Snow: 3291 Salem Road, Sept. 5. 100.

Bruster’s Ice Cream: 3184 Salem Road, Sept. 5. 100.

Chick-fil- A: 3130 U.S. High­way 278, Sept. 30. 99. Re­pair screen that is bro­ken.

Amici Ital­ian Café: 1133 Church St., Oct. 1. 98. No test strips to mea­sure san­i­tizer, ceil­ing vents and tiles dusty.

New Rock Psy­choso­cial: 101 Kirk­land Road, Oct. 1. 94. Em­ployee drink without lid or straw in food prep area, ice scoop han­dle in ice at Igloo cooler, uten­sils stored wet, no test strips to mea­sure san­i­tizer.

Papa John’s Pizza: 3188 U.S. High­way 278, Sept. 9. 94. Em­ployee drinks stored in food prep area (prep ta­ble and walkin, need to store all em­ployee drinks in spe­cific lo­ca­tion away from food prep ar­eas and food stor­age ar­eas), han­dle miss­ing from lid on prep cooler (needs re­pair), racks and wall above four-com­part­ment sink un­clean (needs to be wiped down), garbage dump­ster area dirty (need to clean up around dump­ster), weather­strip miss­ing at base of back door, cove mold­ing lose by back door (seal thresh­old and cove mold­ing. Plain Nuts: 1147 Wash­ing­ton St., Sept. 3. 93. No back­flow preven­tion at sink drains, em­ployee drink in food prep area ( cor­rected).

Arby’s: 6225 Turner Lake Road, Sept. 2. 91. Pop­corn chicken not at proper hot hold­ing tem­per­a­ture ( cor­rected, dis­carded), toma­toes held out of cold hold­ing tem­per­a­ture (no time doc­u­men­ta­tion, need time marked on out­side of con­tainer).

Pizza Hut: 4168 U.S. High­way 278, Sept. 29. 87. Ice ma­chine not clean on in­te­rior ( needs to be washed, rinsed and san­i­tized), su­gar and Parme­san cheese stored un­cov­ered un­der­neath tea urn ta­ble ( keep all foods cov­ered), wip­ing clothes stores sin food prep area ( cor­rected), tong han­dle stored in salad mix, gloves mis­used ( dish­washer should change gloves be­tween clean and dirty dishes, wall be­neath hand sink dirty, wall be­hind dish­washer dirty, no light shield cov­er­ing lights in dry stor­age, too many flies in kitchen area.

A Touch of coun­try: 1105 church St., Oct. 9. 85. Noz­zle on tea con­tainer dirty, chem­i­cals near food prep area, cheese thaw­ing on counter, wet wip­ing cloths on counter, no test strips for san­i­tizer.

Nick’s Restau­rant: 15825 Ga. High­way 36, Oct. 2. 84. Fish stored be­low steak in walk- in cooler, chem­i­cal bot­tles not la­beled, uten­sils stored wet in stor­age room, glasses stored wet, deep fryer dirty on out­side, vent hoods dirty, floors dirty be­hind dish­washer, ceil­ing dirty in walk- in cooler.

Waf­fle House: 12985 Brown Bridge Road, Aug. 28. 84. Creamer and milk out of tem­per­a­ture ( in prep cooler, dis­carded), toma­toes, cheese and ham out of tem­per­a­ture at prep sand­wich cooler ( dis­carded), clean­ing sup­plies stored with food times in dry stor­age area ( cor­rected), cab­i­nets where trash can is stored is dirty ( need to wipe out), draw­ers and stain­less un­der grill dirty ( need to wipe down), bot­tom of two-door re­frig­er­a­tor dirty ( wipe out bot­tom), plumb­ing leak at sprayer hose at dish­washer (re­pair leak). Wendy’s: 3300 U.S. High­way 278, Oct. 8. 83. Em­ployee did not wash hands be­tween glove changes, ice maker has buildup near lid area ( need to clean, wash, rinse and san­i­tize), wet wip­ing cloth sit­ting on top of Frosty ma­chine, uten­sils stored wet above three- com­part­ment sink, lid does not seal prop­erly (has small crack), gas­ket area on reach-in cooler and French fry sta­tion dirty. Lucy’s: 1820 Ga. High­way 11, Sept. 9. 81. No pa­per tow­els at hand sink in kitchen or women’s re­stroom (need to sup­ply hand tow­els for em­ploy­ees), toma­toes and shred­ded cheese out of tem­per­a­ture ( dis­carded), san­i­tizer buck­ets stored on floor ( need to store 6 inches off floor), no stor­age con­tain­ers for pow­dered su­gar, corn meal, etc (need food grade ma­te­ri­als for stor­ing bulk dry goods), cook­ing oil stored on floor (need to keep all food items 6 inches off floor), wet wip­ing cloths stored in food prep ar­eas (need to keep wet cloths in san­i­tizer when not in use), too many flies in fa­cil­ity ( need to have crick­ets re­moved from front door en­trance way, crick­ets be­long to con­ve­nience store).

El Charro: 3165 Elm St., Sept. 24. 80. No hand sink in bar area, eggs stored be­side pro­duce, plas­tic lids stored wet af­ter wash­ing, cheese dip cool­ing method was im­prop­erly ob­served, wet wip­ing cloths stored in food prep area, oil stored on floor.

Popeyes: 3112 U.S. High­way 278, Oct. 2. 80. Glass cleaner next to front counter, em­ployee did not wash hands af­ter clean­ing dirty trays and then han­dling food, ice stored on floor in front of ice ma­chine ( must keep all food 6 inches off floor, wet wip­ing cloths not in san­i­tizer bucket, uten­sils stored wet, mi­crowave has bro­ken/cracked bot­tom in­side, splash up above corn warmer dirty, floor tiles bro­ken, ceil­ing vent dirty above food prep area, floors be­hind ice ma­chine dirty, mold in mop sink area near floor, mops/ brooms stored im­prop­erly.

New China: 9162 U.S. 278, Aug. 25. 80. Chicken held out of tem­per­a­ture (no time doc­u­men­ta­tion, dis­carded), la­bels not on bulk stor­age con­tain­ers ( need la­bels), not proper con­tain­ers used for su­gar (cans, need food grade ma­te­ri­als), oil stored on floor ( must keep 6 inches off floor), rice on floor in walk- in ( must store 6 inches off floor), wip­ing cloths not kept in san­i­tizer ( must store in san­i­tizer while not in use), gas­kets on walk-ins dirty ( clean gas­kets).

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