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is the only way (and frankly if he is not the only way he’s not even one way) to heaven and God’s prom­ise is those who seek will find, then the sin­cere seeker has to come to Christ. Bud­dha can’t save him. Mo­ham­mad can’t save him. Kr­ishna can’t save him. Only Christ can save him. Now, lest you ar­gue that point, go back to the gar­den. If be­ing a sin­cere any­thing else can save peo­ple, Christ’s death on the cross be­comes un­nec­es­sary; you have to face that. We can­not, no mat­ter how much we might wish oth­er­wise, have it both ways. His­tory is re­splen­dent with tes­ti­monies of the ful­fill­ment of God’s prom­ise to be found by those who truly are seek­ing him, some­times in very unique ways. Cam­pus Cru­sade for Christ re­ports that a vast num­ber of Mus­lims are turn­ing to Christ, con­vinced by an an­gel in a dream to seek Je­sus. A man in In­dia was con­verted to Christ by find­ing a sec­tion of a Gospel Track in a pack of cigarettes he pur­chased. A tribe along the Ama­zon River all be­came Chris­tians when a mis­sion­ary stopped to bury his wife who had died as they headed up that river. The mis­sion­ary didn’t even know he had an au­di­ence. More amaz­ing, that mis­sion­ary gave that fu­neral mes­sage in English, but the tribes­men heard the mes­sage in their lan­guage. God is not lim­ited in what he can do and there is no per­son any­where who, if they are re­ally seek­ing truth, will not some­how come face to face with Je­sus Christ. You may or may not agree with me. The bot­tom line how­ever is this: you have heard the mes­sage. You’ve just read it. If it is true, you have been con­fronted with Je­sus and your ex­cuse, “I never heard,” is gone. Won’t you ac­cept him right now as your Sav­ior?

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