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OK, I ad­mit it. At my worst, I’m a peo­ple pleaser. I know, I know, I’m not sup­posed to worry about what other peo­ple think. The funny thing is that wor­ry­ing be­comes such a habit that I don’t even know that I’m do­ing it. I’m sur­prised when my stom­ach gur­gles, my neck stiff­ens or my palms sweat. It usu­ally takes a change of scenery, a gen­tle nudge from a friend, or a lit­tle ex­tra rest to see that I need to change. Re­cently, I was for­tu­nate to have a va­ca­tion. Dur­ing that time, my mom came to visit. Mom’s re­mis­sion from can­cer is a com­plete mir­a­cle. Her life re­minds me that each day is a trea­sure. Wor­ry­ing steals time. I feel ashamed that I’ve tried to please oth­ers to the point of run­ning ragged. In my well- in­ten­tioned de­sire to be help­ful to every­one, I missed the very best. My ac­tions were self de­feat­ing. And to top that off, I re­al­ized that I wasn’t even help­ing Je­sus. “Am I now try­ing to win the ap­proval of men, or of God? Or am I try­ing to please men? If I were still try­ing to please men, I would not be a ser­vant of Christ,” ( Ga 1: 10 NIV). I’m re­minded of an old say­ing by the poet John Ly­dgate, “ You can please some of the peo­ple all of the time, you can please all of the peo­ple some of the time, but you can’t please all of the peo­ple all of the time.” No, this doesn’t mean that I’m giv­ing up on do­ing any­thing for any­one. But, I am go­ing to stop work­ing so hard to gain ap­proval. I am go­ing to re­new my com­mit­ment to please Je­sus Christ first. I’m go­ing to try to re­lax more and take things one day at a time. If I get a lit­tle closer to do­ing this well, my stom­ach will hush, my neck will re­lax and life won’t slip through my hands.

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