Higher taxes to re­build, bind

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When I think of Amer­ica, I re­mem­ber the land of my youth — where we put a man on the moon in less than a decade, con­quered dis­eases like po­lio, small pox and oth­ers, built h i g h wa y s and bridges to cre­ate op­por­tu­ni­ties for growth, and had an edu- cational sys­tem that was sec­ond to none.

At the same time, the cap­i­tal gains tax was 50 per­cent, the top in­come and es­tate tax rates were in ex­cess of 90 per­cent, and the cor­po­rate tax rate over $ 25,000 av­er­aged about 48 per­cent. De­spite those high tax rates, most fam­i­lies lived com­fort­ably with only one bread win­ner. We ex­pected ser­vices from gov­ern­ment, but we also ex­pected to pay for them.

McCain’s prom­ise to lower taxes con­tin­ues the fail­ure that got us into the cur­rent mess. That fail­ure is the no­tion that we can have gov­ern­ment ser­vices, like roads, hos­pi­tals, li­braries, schools, etc., and not have to pay for them.

Obama’s prom­ise to raise taxes on the few con­tin­ues the moral cow­ardice of most Democrats, who do not want to say that gov­ern­ment ben­e­fits equals taxes on all of us.

We need higher taxes and we need them now — higher taxes to re­store de­cay­ing roads and bridges, to re­build our en­tire ed­u­ca­tional sys­tem, and for projects that bind us to­gether, like the race to the moon, with a com­mon sense of pur­pose.

I am looking for candidates who say we are go­ing to pay taxes and re­build Amer­ica. How about you?

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