Drunk driver wets him­self

Al­legedly drives reck­lessly on In­ter­state 20

The Covington News - - Local News - By Am­ber Pittman

Deputies from the New­ton County Sher­iff’s Depart­ment re­sponded to a call Satur­day night when cit­i­zens re­ported that a sil­ver Im­pala was wan­der­ing over the road on In­ter­state 20 East and slam­ming on its brakes.

While on the way to stop the ve­hi­cle, the deputy re­ceived a call from an­other NCSO em­ployee who told him he was be­hind the Im­pala and that the driver was driv­ing all over the road and had al­most stuck the bridge near exit 93.

The deputy caught up with the driver and ac­ti­vated his emer­gency equip­ment and, ac­cord­ing to re­ports, the driver re­port­edly slammed on his brakes and then con­tin­ued to drive. The driver then at­tempted to pull to the shoul­der of the road but stopped in the mid­dle of the slow lane, ac­cord­ing to re­ports.

The deputy ac­ti­vated his PA sys­tem and told the driver to pull off the road and the driver al­legedly com­plied, but pulled off at an an­gle. The deputy got on the PA once again and told the driver to pull for­ward and the driver com­plied.

He then ex­ited his ve­hi­cle and the deputy no­ticed the man re­port­edly ap­peared un­steady on his feet and had to hold on to the ve­hi­cle to keep his bal­ance. The re­port also in­di­cates the man had uri­nated on him­self.

When asked for his name, the man al­legedly iden­ti­fied him­self as William Adrian Tomblin, 40. When asked how much he had to drunk, Tomblin re­port­edly stated “ One beer ear­lier,” al­though the deputy states in his re­port that Tomblin reeked of al­co­hol on his per­son and breath.

Tomblin’s li­cense listed a Nor­cross ad­dress, but when the deputy asked him where he was headed, Tomblin re­port­edly said he was on his way home and that he lived “ the next exit here off 85.”

The deputy re­quested that Tomblin per­form some so­bri­ety ex­er­cises, and he al­legedly agreed to do so, but as they were talk­ing, Tomblin was re­port­edly sway­ing from front to back. He also had trou­ble telling his left foot from his right foot and con­tin­ued to sway from side to side even while stand­ing still, ac­cord­ing to the re­port.

While per­form­ing the tests, Tomblin re­port­edly stopped at one point and said to the deputy, “ Man, I work for the county and you gonna’ do this to me? Man, come on.” He then at­tempted to com­plete the so­bri­ety test but stopped, al­legedly say­ing “ I can’t do this, man.”

At that point, Tomblin was ar­rested and placed in the back of the deputy’s pa­trol car. While en route to the New­ton County De­ten­tion Cen­ter, Tomblin con­tin­ued to plead with the deputy, re­port­edly say­ing that he worked for DeKalb County gov­ern­ment and that “ he was the same thing” as the deputy. When the deputy asked Tomblin what he did for the gov­ern­ment, he al­legedly stated he worked for the Parks and Recre­ation Depart­ment.

Dur­ing a search of his ve­hi­cle, deputies re­port­edly found a 22 ounce Bud Light Lime bot­tle with one- fourth of the bot­tle re­main­ing, a small empty bot­tle of Ab­so­lut Vodka and a small empty bot­tle of Bac­ardi Rum.

Tomblin was charged with DUI, fail­ure to main­tain lane and hav­ing an open con­tainer of al­co­hol.

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