Two girls, a guy and a throw­down

The Covington News - - Crime And Courts - By Am­ber Pittman

Cov­ing­ton Po­lice of­fi­cers were called to a home that was re­port­edly be­ing bur­glar­ized on Oct. 17 and found a do­mes­tic sit­u­a­tion in­stead, ac­cord­ing to re­ports.

When of­fi­cers ar­rived at the home on Green Com­mons Drive, they spoke with the com­plainant who re­port­edly told them her boyfriend’s ex- girl­friend had come into the home and started fight­ing with them while they were sit­ting on the couch.

The cur­rent girl­friend al­legedly told of­fi­cers she ran to the back of the house while her boyfriend and his ex fought in the liv­ing room. She re­port­edly told them the ex- girl­friend broke free and chased her to the back of the house and be­gan to hit her in the face and head with a closed fist.

When she was able to break free and call 911, the ex- girl­friend al­legedly left the home along with a large group of her fam­ily that had re­port­edly come into the home af­ter her. She was able to show the of­fi­cers knots on her fore­head that she al­legedly sus­tained from the al­ter­ca­tion.

Of­fi­cers then spoke with the boyfriend who said that when his ex came into the home, she re­port­edly started hit­ting his cur­rent girl­friend and say­ing that he “ be­longed to her.” He also told of­fi­cers that the ex- girl­friend at­tacked him, rip­ping his shirt and bit­ing his arm. He said when the ex went af­ter his cur­rent girl­friend, he ran out the front door, past the fam­ily of the an­gry ex- girl­friend and to his car in or­der to go to the po­lice depart­ment for help.

The cur­rent girl­friend re­port­edly told of­fi­cers she had found a blade that the ex had brought with her to the home but she couldn’t re­mem­ber where she had laid it and was un­able to find it for of­fi­cers.

CPD of­fi­cers went in search of the ex- girl­friend and found her at her mother’s home on Emory Street, ac­cord­ing to re­ports. She re­port­edly told the of­fi­cers that her ex- boyfriend had been call­ing her all day want­ing to talk to her, and when she got off work, he al­legedly told her to come down to West Street be­cause he wanted to see her and that he would stand out­side and wave her down so she would know where to find him.

The woman

al­legedly told of­fi­cers that when she got off work, she and two friends had headed to West Street, and when she passed a res­i­dence she no­ticed him stand­ing in the yard and wav­ing her down. She re­port­edly told the of­fi­cers that when she stopped her ve­hi­cle and got out of the car that her ex- boyfriend re­port­edly came at her, say­ing he had a new girl­friend and was done with her.

He then, ac­cord­ing to re­ports, al­legedly hit her in the face, leav­ing a scrape and abra­sion on her neck and bruis­ing on her left cheek. He also re­port­edly grabbed her shirt, rip­ping it, and pushed her to the ground. She al­legedly told of­fi­cers she never went into the home and was just try­ing to get away from her vi­o­lent ex- boyfriend.

All par­ties were in­formed of the war­rant pro­ce­dure.

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