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GG’s Pizza and Wings: 9148 U.S. High­way 278, Nov. 17. 100.

China Star: 13015 Brown Bridge Road, Nov. 3. 100.

Mans­field Ele­men­tary School: 45 East 3rd Ave., Mans­field, Oct. 30. 100.

Amer­i­can Deli: 3154 U.S. High­way 278. Oct. 24. 100. OK to is­sue per­mit af­ter copy of pest con­trol re­port and fees are re­ceived.

Fic­quett Ele­men­tary School: 2207 Wil­liams St., Oct. 27. 98. Re­place miss­ing cove mold­ing in uten­sil stor­age area.

Sweet Bea’s: 1820 Suite B, Ga. High­way 11, Nov. 9. 97. OK to is­sue per­mit.

Palmer Stone Ele­men­tary School: 1110 Emory St., Ox­ford; Nov. 7. 97. Gas­kets in walk-in cooler dirty, ceil­ing cooler has build up as does light fix­ture (light has wa­ter in­side cover), area at back dock and around dump­sters has trash ac­cu­mu­la­tion, hole in wall by elec­tri­cal switch and by elec­tri­cal cord in chem­i­cal room, damp mop in mop sink.

Tru Cof­fee: 1123 Mon­ti­cello St., Nov. 10. 95. San­i­tizer in three com­part­ment sink too strong, light blown over three-com­part­ment sink.

In­dian Creek Mid­dle School: 11051 By­pass Road, Oct. 24. 95. Chem­i­cal bot­tles not la­beled, pans stored wet at dish­washer room.

Heard-Mixon Ele­men­tary School: 14110 Ga. High­way 36, Nov. 18. 94. San­i­tizer weak in bucket, walk-ins have con­den­sa­tion build up, hole around pip­ing at heart/air plumb­ing.

New­ton High School: 140 Ram Drive, Nov. 14. 94. Hand sink without sign for wash­ing hands in small serv­ing line, uten­sils/pans stored wet, paint peel­ing in­side vent hood, push han­dle on in­side of walk-in not work­ing prop­erly, gas­ket on reach-in cooler dirty; fan cov­ers in walk-in dirty, no air gap back flow on three­com­part­ment sink; hose end down in mop sink; light out at vent hood; grates bro­ken at cook line drain, paint peel­ing off wall be­hind ser­vice line, light switch at serv­ing line bro­ken.

Por­terdale Ele­men­tary School: 45 Ram Dr., Nov. 6. 93. Slicer dirty on un­der­side, chop­per dirty, scoop with han­dle in su­gar prod­uct, mesh drain un­der three-com­part­ment sink not open enough to let wa­ter through without back­ing wa­ter up onto floor.

East­side High School: 10245 Cov­ing­ton By­pass, Oct. 28. 93. San­i­tizer buck­ets had weak lev­els of san­i­tizer (cor­rected).

McDon­ald’s: 4147 Salem Road, Nov. 7. 92. No cover on ice con­tainer, plas­tic spoons stored with han­dle down in cup, ham­burger freezer cracked, dirty above ketchup and mus­tard dis­penser, hot hold unit is dusty, hose down in mop sink, gap at back door bot­tom, light out at fry hot hold.

Star­bucks: 5341 Ga. High­way 20, Oct. 30. 92. Milk con­tainer open with no date mark­ing, scoop with han­dle ly­ing down in su­gar con­tainer, in­di­vid­ual cof­fee stir­rers not wrapped, no test strips for san­i­tizer, spray wand at sink hang­ing be­low flood plain of sink (cor­rected).

Liv­ingston Ele­men­tary School: 3657 Ga. High­way 81, Oct. 31. 92. Can opener dirty, em­ployee wear­ing jew­elry (can only wear plain band ring in food prep area), corn meal bin bro­ker (need to re­place or fix), in­side of mi­crowave at top dirty, gas­ket around walk-in cooler dirty.

World of Wings: 5340 GA. High­way 20, Nov. 13. 87. Em­ployee drink in food prep area, san­i­tizer too strong, san­i­tizer bucket stored be­side floor, wet wip­ing clothes stored in food prep area, em­ployee wash­ing gloves, vent hood has build up, gas­kets on walk-in dirty.

Al­covy High School: 14567 GA. High­way 36, Nov. 10. 87. Em­ployee drink stored by uten­sils, chop­per dirty when taken apart, im­prop­erly cool­ing grits, uten­sils stored wet, gas­ket on walk-in cooler door is taped.

Chal­lenge Char­ter Academy: 8134 Geiger St., Oct. 23. 87. Eggs stored over ham in reach-in cooler (cor­rected), chem­i­cals stored next to food (cor­rected), san­i­tizer buck­ets had weak so­lu­tion.

Cousins Mid­dle School: 8187 Carl­ton Trail, Nov. 12. 85. Em­ployee drinks out next to food prep, san­i­tizer bucket has weak so­lu­tion, wet wip­ing cloths on coun­ters, uten­sils stored wet, ice maker has rust on in­side and gas­ket is old, dirty gas­ket on reach-in cooler door, faucets leak­ing at three-com­part­ment sink, need to clean up be­hind kitchen where school desks stacked up.

Oak Hill Ele­men­tary School: 6243 Ga. High­way 212, Oct. 29. 85. Hot wa­ter had hand wash­ing sink is 97 de­grees F (must be 100 de­grees F or higher, dish­washer wa­ter is not reach­ing tem­per­a­ture of 180 de­grees F, san­i­tizer so­lu­tion is weak, con­tainer not la­beled in stor­age area, ther­mome­ter on dish­washer not work­ing prop­erly, ice build up on walk-in freezer floor and ceil­ing, walk-in cooler door gas­ket dirty.

Fairview Ele­men­tary School: 3325 Fairview Road, Nov. 4. 85. Uten­sils and pans found dirty af­ter they were cleaned, san­i­tizer weak in buck­ets, san­i­tizer buck­ets found on floor, wet wip­ing cloths out on counter, uten­sils stored wet, lemon­ade dis­penser noz­zle leak­ing, gas­ket loose on ice ma­chine lid, plas­tic cov­ers over lights in vent hood area peel­ing, fan cov­ers in walk-in cooler rust­ing, gas­ket around walk-in cooler door dirty, lead in jan­i­tor closet floor.

Happy J’s: 8105 Wash­ing­ton St., Nov. 3. 84. Em­ployee drink in food prep area, cheese, toma­toes and slaw out of tem­per­a­ture, vent hood has build up, no back flow preven­tion at drain lines on plumb­ing.

Mi Tierra: 5340 Ga. High­way 20, Nov. 13. 84. Veg­etable sink dirty, milk opened and not date marked, spices not la­beled, scoop han­dle stored in food prod­uct, vent hood dirty, no air gap/back flow preven­tion at drain­pipes at sinks, faucet loose at veg­etable prep sink.

East New­ton Ele­men­tary School: 2286 Dixie Road, Oct. 22. 81. Em­ployee drink in food prep area, mac­a­roni left in food prep sink, san­i­tizer bucket has so­lu­tion that was too strong, milk con­tain­ers sit­ting on floor in walk-in cooler, wet wip­ing cloth on counter, gas­ket around walk-in cooler door dirty, metal seal loose on top right cor­ner of walk-in cooler door cas­ing, thresh­old loose on walk-in cooler door, ice build up in walk-in freezer, air re­turn dirty at heat/air unit, pipe be­hind ice maker lead­ing at cut off valve, tile on cor­ner of wall cracked or bro­ken, dirty floors be­hind ice maker, light shield in walk-in cooler miss­ing.

McDon­ald’s: 10701 Cov­ing­ton By­pass, Nov. 4. 81. Tea noz­zle dirty, no hand wash­ing sign at hand sink and three-com­part­ment sink, uten­sils stored wet, dirty un­der cof­fee maker at drive through, fan cov­ers dirty at walk-in cooler, light out at hot hold­ing unit for fries, plumb­ing leak un­der sink next to hand sink, hose end down in mop sink, no hand towel’s in men’s and women’s bath­room.

Krys­tal: 3230 U.S. High­way 278, Nov. 7. 80. Chem­i­cal san­i­tizer too strong, san­i­tizer stored be­side food prep, no time doc­u­men­ta­tion on cheese, food stored on floor, wet wip­ing cloths stored in food prep area, sin­gle ser­vice items stored too close to floor, em­ployee went to food prep then han­dled trash then back to food prep without chang­ing gloves, gas­ket on ice ma­chine miss­ing, fan unit on out­side walk-in not turn­ing, no san­i­tizer test strips, sides of fry­ers and un­der­neath dirty, cove mold­ing com­ing loose from wall, air vents and ceil­ing dirty in cook­ing area, mop sink very dirty, faucet leak­ing and loose.

Cosmo Joe’s: 10055 By­pass Road, Nov. 17. 79. Cheese out of tem­per­a­ture at prep line, san­i­tizer so­lu­tion weak, no ther­mome­ter, uten­sils stored wet, no test strips, bread con­tainer dirty on out­side, out­side of fryer dirty, no back flow or air gap on drain lines of sinks.

McDon­ald’s: 2080 A Crow­ell Road, Nov. 12. 76. Em­ploy­ees did not wash hands when chang­ing gloves or chang­ing work sta­tions, em­ployee did not prop­erly wash, rinse and san­i­tize tongs, flour not prop­erly la­beled, em­ploy­ees with rings and bracelet, san­i­tizer bucket stored on floor and wet wip­ing cloths stored in food prep area, no hand wash sing at hand sink, uten­sils stored wet, walk-in cooler air cur­tain torn, lids on tea con­tain­ers in walk-in cracked, thresh­old in walk-in freezer loose, pa­per towel holder bro­ken at hand sink, condi­ment bin dirty, fan cov­ers in walk-in re­frig­er­a­tor dirty, splash up above prep sta­tion dirty, French fry warmer splash up dirty, fish filet steamer leak­ing wa­ter, spray wand be­low flood plain at three-com­part­ment sink, hose in mop sink be­low flood plain.

Cam­pus Café: 239 Cedar Lane, Nov. 13. 76. Coke noz­zles and slicer dirty, foods held out of tem­per­a­ture, no dig­i­tal ther­mome­ter, su­gar stored open in bag, wet wip­ing cloths stored in food prep ar­eas, cup used as scoop in su­gar, uten­sils stored wet, cof­fee stir­rers not in­di­vid­u­ally dis­pensed, vents on Coke ma­chine and drain tray on Coke ma­chine dirty, shelf un­der mi­crowave dirty, gas­ket on reach-in cooler dirty, hole in wall in dry stor­age area.

Pool Room Café: 5152 Wash­ing­ton St., Oct. 27. 75. Raw ham­burger meat stored above hot dogs, cheese and sliced toma­toes sit­ting out with no time or tem­per­a­ture con­trol, em­ployee has painted fin­ger­nails, no food in­spec­tion re­port posted, uten­sils stored wet, no back flow de­vice.

Qual­ity Inn: 10225 Ga. High­way 142, Nov. 12. 73. Cheese cubes out of tem­per­a­ture, no la­bel or date on bat­ter con­tainer, milk jug or cheese cube bag, pest con­trol prod­ucts next to clean­ing chem­i­cals, no dig­i­tal ther­mome­ter, ap­ples in con­tainer sit­ting out not in­di­vid­u­ally wrapped, no hand wash sign in man’s/women’s bath­room, sin­gle use coffe stir­rers not wrapped, no test strips for san­i­tizer, ta­bles wiped down with san­i­tizer and hand cloth, gap around re­frig­er­a­tor room ex­te­rior door.

Blimpe Subs & Sal­ads: 387 A, Ga. High­way 11, Nov. 13. 72. Em­ployee did not wash hands be­tween glove changes, no soap at hand sink, no dig­i­tal ther­mome­ter, medicines stored in food prep/stor­age area, per­sonal items stored in food stor­age, wet wip­ing cloths stored in food prep area, no hand wash sign in re­stroom, no san­i­tizer test strips, Coke ma­chine dirty, no air gap, mop sit­ting in mop wa­ter dirty.

Pip­pins: 10055 Cov­ing­ton By Pass, Nov. 17. 58. No light cover/shield in walk-in freezer, floors dirty at en­trance of walk-in, miss­ing elec­tri­cal plate cover, trash can in re­stroom does not have cover, no back flow on three-com­part­ment and veg­etable sink, gas­ket and fan cover in walk-in cooler dirty, han­dle on out­side of walk-in dirty, gas­kets on reach-in cooler dirty, ice build up on freezer floor, han­dles on forks, knives and spoons stored im­prop­erly, han­dle of scoop stored in su­gar, wip­ing cloths stored in food prep area, em­ployee did not wash hands be­tween glove changes, em­ployee drink in food prep area, Coke ma­chine noz­zles very dirty, French fries out of tem­per­a­ture, stew thaw­ing in sink in stand­ing wa­ter, pickle con­tainer on floor, cook­ing oil stored on floor, food boxes on floor in walk-in freezer.

Royal: 4188 U.S. High­way 278, Oct. 23. 50. Em­ploy­ees did not wash hands af­ter prep­ping raw meats, raw beef stored over ready-to-eat; shrimp stored over ready-to-eat, cooked con­tainer of chicken sit­ting on raw chicken, tea spouts and Coke noz­zles dirty, can opener dirty, did not wash, rinse and san­i­tize cut­ting boards, cold foods out of tem­per­a­ture at cold buf­fet, chem­i­cals not la­beled, food stor­age con­tainer with spices not la­beled, foods (chicken) cooled at room tem­per­a­ture, food stored on floor, eggs (raw) stored over cooked chicken, food stored in metal cans (must use ap­proved con­tain­ers), wet wip­ing clothes on counter, no hand wash­ing sign in men’s bath­room, us­ing metal can as scoop in rice, stored cups wet, dirty salt con­tainer, must have pro­tec­tive cov­ers over lights, MSG con­tainer is dirty and rust­ing, ice maker in back dirty and has old gas­ket, walk-in cooler fan faces are dirty, plumb­ing drains have no back flow de­vices, em­ployee bath­room dirty, cook­ing area near grill dirty, floor in walk-in cooler dirty.

Mamie’s Inc., 7121 U.S. High­way 278, Nov. 26. 100. Re­place valance on light (kitchen), make cover for air con­di­tion­ing vent at cook line, put steel at bot­tom of walk-in unites, air gap at three-com­part­ment sink (check back in two weeks to con­firm items are fixed).

Nagoya: 1065 Ac­cess Road, Nov. 26. 100. Re­place noz­zle at bar be­fore next in­spec­tion.

Waf­fle House: 10106 Al­covy Road, Nov. 20. 100.

Pip­pins: 10055 Cov­ing­ton By­pass, Nov. 18. 100. Air gaps/back flow preven­tion will be in­stalled within two weeks.

Mid­dle Ridge Ele­men­tary School: 11649 Cov­ing­ton By­pass, Dec. 1. 99. Sin­gle ser­vice trays stored on floor by serv­ing line, light fix­ture in cooler near fans has some dust ac­cu­mu­la­tion.

Bert Adams Din­ing Hall: 218 Boy Scout Road, Nov. 18. 96. No hand wash sign at hand sink, facet leak at three-com­part­ment sink, grout in floors miss­ing.

Qual­ity Inn: 10225 Ga. High­way 142, Nov. 24. 96. No dig­i­tal ther­mome­ter, no san­i­tizer test strips.

Burger King: 53 Ga. High­way 81, Por­terdale, Nov. 21. 94. Some uten­sils stored greasy with clean uten­sils, uten­sils stored wet, no towel dis­penser in re­strooms.

Blimpie Subs and Sal­ads: 387 A Ga. High­way 11, So­cial Cir­cle, Nov. 26. 94. No la­bel on su­gar con­tainer, em­ployee has too many rings.

Rocky Plains Ele­men­tary School: 5300 Ga. High­way 162, Nov. 20. 90. Em­ployee drink stored near uten­sils, san­i­tizer too strong, fan not work­ing in walk-in freezer, mops not stored prop­erly.

McDon­ald’s: 2080 Crow­ell Road, Nov. 20. 83. Em­ployee did not wash hands be­fore putting gloves on, tea noz­zles dirty, uten­sils stored wet, faucet leak­ing at three-com­part­ment and mop sink, new air con­di­tioner on or­der.

Ox­ford Col­lege, Emory Uni­ver­sity, Nov. 21. 82. Dish­washer changed gloves be­tween dirty and clean dishes and did not wash hands be­tween glove changes, ap­ples not served in­di­vid­u­ally; su­gar left open, sin­gle ser­vice items (nap­kins) stored on floor in dry stor­age, foot on bot­tom of reach-in freezer, san­i­tizer on floor Ox, wet wip­ing cloths stored in food prep area, no light cover in walk-in cooler, light out in walk-in cooler, paint peel­ing out­side of mid­dle area in kitchen, hole in wall at base of wall near door in Ox area, no air gap/back flow on draw lines at dish­washer and other sinks, dirty un­der hot hold unit, wa­ter com­ing out of side of dish­washer at joint, han­dle fac­ing down of forks and knives in Ox area, cof­fee stir­rers not in­di­vid­u­ally wrapped, uten­sils in kitchen stored wet.

Check­ers: 3182 U.S. High­way 278, Nov. 24. 80. San­i­tizer weak at three-com­part­ment sink, cheese and toma­toes out of tem­per­a­ture, em­ployee wear­ing bracelets, wet wip­ing cloths stored in food prep area, uten­sils stored wet above three-com­part­ment sink, sink faucet leaks, freezer not work­ing.

Bojan­gles: 5156 U.S. High­way 278, Nov. 24. 77. No hand soap at back hand sink, fries and tater rounds out of tem­per­a­ture, creamer stored be­neath plumb­ing fix­ture, no hand wash sign in men’s re­stroom, uten­sils stored wet, sin­gle ser­vice items stored be­neath plumb­ing fix­ture, sprayer want be­low flood­plain of sink, hand sink in closet bro­ken.

Wing Nook: 3665A Salem Road, Nov. 20. 77. Fish stored be­side chicken in walk-in, chicken left opened in walk-in, oil stored on floor by fry­ers, chicken stored on floor in walkin, scoop in rice, door on walk-in dirty, air gap/back flow not in­stalled at plumb­ing drain line, han­dle on bath­room door loose, mop stored on floor.

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