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Laquane Tabarus Stroud, 18, 255 Coun­try­side Lane, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 5. Dis­rupt­ing pub­lic school, sim­ple bat­tery.

Michelle Re­nee Swink, 39, Ash­bury St., Ox­ford, Dec. 4. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Melissa Ann To­barsalas, 31, Lunsford Cir­cle, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 3. Con­tempt of court.

Don­ald Ge­orge Waite, 45, 290 Shiver St., Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 9. Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act crim­i­nal tres­pass, ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cers.

Bob­bie Glenn Walker Jr., 52, 108 Danielle Dr., Ox­ford, Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act bat­tery, in­ter­fer­ing with a 911 call.

Clay­ton Daniel Weak­ley, 21, 50 Neely Ham­monds Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 9. Two counts pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Henry Parker Whit­ley, 17, Lawrenceville, Dec. 7. Es­cape, ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cers, crim­i­nal tres­pass, pedes­trian on high­way.

William Hous­ton Wray, 43, home­less, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 7. Driv­ing without li­cense, no proof of in­sur­ance.

An­thony Mar­quez Young, 25, 20 Dou­bles Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 3. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Keaton Ger­rod Young, 18, 117 Richardson St., Ox­ford, Dec. 9. Court sen­tenced.

Ja­cob An­drew Casteel, 17, 8180 Jack­son High­way, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 5. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana less than one ounce.

Jac­que­lyn Elaine Baker, 44, P.O. Box 202, Ox­ford, Dec. 4. Hin­der­ing ap­pre­hen­sion, vi­o­la­tion of oath by pub­lic ser­vant.

Gary Lewis Booth, 45, 4129 F. Ga. High­way 36, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 5. Theft by tak­ing.

Mary Jane Bridges, 51, 10111 Old At­lanta High­way, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 7. DUI drugs less safe.

Matthew Cole Jr., 45, Cony­ers, Dec. 3. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana less than one ounce.

Chelsea Je­nay Cooper, 17, 10173 N. Links Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 6. Theft by shoplift­ing.

Jimmy Lee Darty, 38, 95 Cedar Creek Dr., Covin­gotn, Dec. 9. Duty of driver to stop or re­port. No proof of in­sur­ance.

Michael Kevin Davis, 33, Cony­ers, Dec. 5. Pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I & II drug (metham­phetamine), driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended, flee­ing or at­tempt­ing to elude, fail­ure to sig­nal, af­fix­ing tint to win­dows or wind­shields.

Casey Robert Doss, 22, 1314 Lower River Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 8. Two counts theft by re­ceiv­ing stolen prop­erty.

Raquale Leigh Els­bury, 17, 2498 Ga. High­way 212, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 7. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Danny Chose Farmer, 23, 85 Al­covy Cir­cle, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 5. DUI, im­ped­ing traf­fic flow.

Wil­lie Lee Flournoy, 51, 4672 Ga. High­way 213, New­born, Dec. 3. DUI.

Derek An­drew Goolsby, ll31, 70 Fox Meadow Dr., Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 9. Pass­ing on solid yel­low line, DUI, im­proper lane us­age.

Joshua Lee Grindle, 19, 180 Roberts Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 4. Drink­ing un­der age.

Thomas Ed­ward Hamby, 65, 1246 Hen­der­son Mill Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 4. Sex­ual bat­tery, ag­gra­vated child mo­lesta­tion.

Mar­cus Dwayne Harde­man, 24, Cony­ers, Dec. 8. De­posit ac­count fraud.

Christo­pher Ryan Harper, 28, 855 B Boogers Hill Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 5. Pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I & II drug (metham­phetamine), pos­ses­sion of co­caine.

Ed­uardo Me­d­ina Her­nan­dez, 18, 1150 Al­covy Ter­race, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 7. Theft by tak­ing.

Djuana Marie Hilder­brand, 43, 17 N. Broad St., Por­terdale, Dec. 7. Con­tempt of court.

Ju­lian Wayne John­son, 23, Litho­nia, Dec. 7. Bench war­rant.

Allen Gar­land Kil­gore Jr., 44, 1055 Chero­kee Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 7. Im­proper back­ing, DUI.

Ni­cholas Ryan Lynn, 23, 55 Bar­ber St., Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 6. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Brandi Bryan McMichael, 28, 555 Ed­wards Road, Mon­ti­cello, Dec. 3. En­tic­ing a child for in­de­cent pur­poses, in­ter­fer­ence with child cus­tody.

Michael James Nor­ris, 35, Stock­bridge, Dec. 3. False re­port of a crime.

Jac­que­line Denise Par­rish, 44, 2606 Elks Club Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 3. Stop signs and yield signs, im­proper stop­ping, li­cense re­quired (sur­ren­der of), DUI.

Christo­pher Mario Pat­ter­son, 35, 11889 Brown Bridge Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 4. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Ju­ven­cio Borja Perez, 27, 12641 Brown Bridge Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 9. Li­cense re­quired, sur­ren­der of.

Scot Lewis Pip­pin, 36, Cony­ers, Dec. 6. Pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I & II drugs (metham­phetamine), pos­ses­sion of drug re­lated ob­jects.

Mar­quita Dion­nie Pres­ley, 25, 11316 Flat Shoals Road, Cov­ingtin, Dec. 5. Crim­i­nal tres­pass.

Lloyd An­thony Queen, 27, 150 A Cross Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 6. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana, DUI drugs, im­pend­ing traf­fic flow.

An­thony Daniel Reed, 53, 95 Wyn­field Trace, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 3. Open con­tainer, driv­ing without head­lights, op­er­a­tion of ve­hi­cle without cur­rent li­cense.

Christo­pher Ed­ward Reed, 20, 343 Rose­berry Road, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 7. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana less than one ounce.

Jamea­son Pre­ston Reynolds, 32, 12236 Ga. High­way 36, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 3. Driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended, af­fix­ing tint to win­dows or wind­shields.

Ch­eryl Lyn Roberts, 47, 160 GA. High­way 36, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 6. DUI, fol­low­ing too closely, open con­tainer, no­tice of change of ad­dress.

Joe Ceasar Roberts, 51, Lo­ganville, Dec. 5. Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act bat­tery.

Jonathan Latyrus Sands, 25, Mon­ti­cello, Dec. 7. Felony pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana, no seat belts.

Mar­qual Ado­nis Smith, 21, 204 Coun­try Creek Road, New­born, Dec. 8. Felony pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana, dis­obey­ing a traf­fic de­vice, im­proper lane us­age, open con­tainer, pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I & II drugs.

Steen Cadet Smith, 41, 120 Bell St., Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 9. Driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended, head­gear and eye-pro­tec­tive de­vice.

Don­ald Leroy Spivey, 62, 105 Lake Side Court, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 6. To serve 24 hours.

Charles Ed­ward Stan­ley, 36, 503 Her­itage Park, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 7. Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act bat­tery.

Sheena Noelle Stubbs, 23, 10236 Stone St., Apt. B, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 4. Bench war­rant.

Deme­tria Von­delle Tram­mel, 37, 35 Spring Lake Ter­race, Cov­ing­ton, Dec. 7. Speed­ing, no proof of in­sur­ance.

David Wayne Walker, 42, Mon­ti­cello, Dec. 5. Ter­ror­is­tic threats and acts.

Tony Steven Wal­lace, 18, 96 Ash­wood Dr., Mans­field, Dec. 3. Driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended.

Sabrina Dinette Wash­ing­ton, 41, Mi­ami, Fla., Dec. 6. DUI, im­proper lane us­age.

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