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Tap­ping into the prob­lem

In the last five years my fam­ily has burned up three wash­ing ma­chines, two dish­wash­ers and two hot wa­ter heaters. Why? We live in what we call the “no wa­ter zone.” Our neigh­bor has burned up two hot wa­ter heaters in less than a year.

Our wa­ter provider con­tin­ues to raise our monthly wa­ter bills but does noth­ing about the wa­ter pres­sure or qual­ity. We never know from day to day, or even hour to hour, if we will have wa­ter. It takes 45 min­utes to an hour just to fill up the tub of the wash­ing ma­chine. There is never enough pres­sure to take a de­cent show.

We at­tempted to hook up to the county wa­ter line that is just 350 feet from our home. We can’t. It is the end of the line, and it will not be ex­tended un­less we pay $3 a foot. We would have to pay for the heavy equip­ment, the pipe (at $10 a foot) and $2,800 for the me­ter. The to­tal would be over $10,000. That is not an easy amount to come by when you live on So­cial Se­cu­rity.

The county wa­ter line runs through the woods where there are no houses, and fire hy­drants are all be­hind our house.

We pay our taxes on time ev­ery year. But what good does it do? We can’t even get wa­ter. We are taken ad­van­tage of by our wa­ter provider.

Can any­one solve our prob­lem?

The Mock Fam­ily Air­port Road


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