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A law­less na­tion

Dear Ed­i­tor: Where is the out­cry? Where are the editorials? Where is the cho­rus of talk­ing heads on TV and talk ra­dio scream­ing about trea­son?

Vice Pres­i­dent Richard Cheney has ad­mit­ted pub­li­cally that he au­tho­rized the tor- ture of pris­on­ers. He has also ad­mit­ted, with court tes­ti­mony as sup­port, that he au­tho­rized the leak­ing of the name of a CIA un­der­cover field agent (spy) while she was ac­tively work­ing to limit the spread of nu­clear ma­te­rial. It has been re­ported that this rev­e­la­tion has lead to the death and im­pris­on­ment of peo­ple in­volved in the covert op­er­a­tion.

Re­leas­ing the name of one of our agents in time of war is a trea­sonous act ac­cord­ing to U.S. law. Au­tho­riz­ing or car­ry­ing out tor­ture is a war crime ac­cord­ing to U.S. law. In our re­cent his­tory, we have pros­e­cuted, im­pris­oned and ex­e­cuted in­di­vid­u­als found guilty of such acts. Why are we, you and I, let­ting Mr. Cheney get away with break­ing th­ese laws with no ap­par­ent con­se­quences?

Have we be­come a na­tion where there are those be­yond the law? Have we be­come a law­less na­tion?

J.J. Hay­den Cov­ing­ton

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