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Hold on be­fore you start rolling your eyes and moan­ing, ‘Oh no, she’s talk­ing about the Dawgs again,’ don’t worry, I’m not. Af­ter last week’s game against the Florida Ga­tors, I’m speech­less and that don’t hap­pen very of­ten for me. My hus­band says I even talk in my sleep, but I coun­tered that’s bet­ter than snor­ing, right?

I promised I was gonna lay off the Bull­dawg talk this time around, but I’m only gonna say this. The Dawgs gave it ev­ery­thing they had and kept us all on the edge of our seats through­out the whole game. Be­fore the game was over, my hus­band had chewed all his fin­ger­nails and started on his toe­nails. They played a darn good game and in my opin­ion, a game played that well is still a vic­tory no mat­ter what the score­board said. And that’s all I’m gonna say about the Dawgs (at least till the Ge­or­gia Tech fi­nale).

Now if you paid at­ten­tion to the col­umn ti­tle, you no­ticed I’d planned on talk­ing about real dogs, as in my two furry ca­nines. I’ll lay the ground work for what fol­lows by stat­ing some­thing you prob­a­bly al­ready know if you have pets: they are ex­cep­tion­ally smart. We have two dogs and an indoor cat, and be­tween the three of them, we never know what to ex­pect. I have found out that an­i­mals can be ex­cep­tion­ally in­tel­li­gent and mis­chievous and those two com­bined equals some­thing pretty close to TNT. An­other thing that didn’t take long to learn about an­i­mals is the that owner can­not out­smart the pet no mat­ter how hard she tries. They’re al­ways one step ahead of you and al­ways have the up­per hand, err, paw.

We have a video cam­era stored away some­where that gets lit­tle use since the kids are grown, but, I think I’m go­ing to set it up some­where be­cause I’m sure you’ll soon see me tak­ing home top prize for Amer­ica’s Fun­ni­est Home Videos. I can only imag­ine the schemes the three of them have cooked up based on the things we’ve found.

My daugh­ter had been go­ing into work at 8 ev­ery morn­ing this week, but she ‘ever so con­ve­niently’ for­got to tell me she was go­ing in at 7 a.m. un­til about 6:15 a.m. Fri­day morn­ing. That gave me just enough time to take the boys out to ‘do their thing’ and I had a sneaky feel­ing there would be heck to pay for not feed­ing them be­fore I left and honey child, my in­stincts were right on the money.

My daugh­ter had left money on the ta­ble for good ole Mom to run a few er­rands be­fore go­ing in to work. The first thing I saw when I came in the door was lit­tle pieces of some­thing green on the floor and when I picked it up I re­al­ized what had hap­pened. Lit­tle Bit had man­aged to jump onto a chair, grabbed the money and ran. I’m not sure what he thought but ap­par­ently it smelled bet­ter than it tasted. I tried putting the pieces I could find back to­gether but still haven’t found what was the mid­dle sec­tion, but, I sup­pose even­tu­ally it will ‘come out in the wash. The good news is it was only a $1 bill and not a $20, $50 or $100 bill be­cause I sure wasn’t look­ing for­ward to dig­ging for buried trea­sures.

An­other one of their fa­vorite games is play­ing chase and catch. It goes like this— you chase them all over the house and neigh­bor­hood if they man­age to sneak out the door, which hap­pens of­ten. With the chas­ing that en­sues, you’d think we’d be in shape to run a marathon, but ru­mor has it the neigh­bors get their en­ter­tain­ment in watch­ing this and have even laid bets on it. Dur­ing the day, the boys stay in the util­ity room, but, get­ting them in there is an­other trick in it­self. Ever since our son told them about the boogey bears that hide there, the boys make a mad dash un­der the near­est bed and even bribery doesn’t work in get­ting them out. When I fi­nally con them into com­ing out, it’s al­ways on the op­po­site side of the bed that I’m on and by the time I get around to that side, they’ve gone back to the other side and this in­san­ity goes on un­til I threaten to call in re­in­force­ments.

As long as there are an­i­mals at our house, there will never be a dull moment, and their an­tics pro­vide plenty of fod­der to share and keep my read­ers en­ter­tained. The hu­mans in the Rowe house­hold do their share too, and I have only be­gun to scratch the sur­face where that’s concerned. So stay tuned ‘til next time, y’all!

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