Two ju­ve­niles charged with bat­tery

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Two ju­ve­niles were charged with bat­tery Fri­day af­ter re­port­edly at­tack­ing an­other ju­ve­nile with a stick.

Ac­cord­ing to re­ports from the Cov­ing­ton Po­lice Depart­ment, of­fi­cers were called to a home on Pine Glenn Cir­cle around 5 p.m. Fri­day, and when they ar­rived, they spoke to a woman who said her ju­ve­nile son had just been punched by an­other ju­ve­nile, and that child — along with sev­eral oth­ers — had been pick­ing on her son for some time.

She al­legedly told of­fi­cers that three ju­ve­niles had come to her home and were “mouthing off at her son.” She said one of them threw a stick at her son while he was stand­ing at the back door of their home, strik­ing him in the head. She brought her son in­side the home and while he was stand­ing in front of an open win­dow look­ing out­side at the ju­ve­niles who were ha­rass­ing him, one of them came up to the win­dow and punched him in the eye through the screen, then ran away, which is when she called the po­lice.

The of­fi­cer’s re­port in­di­cates that the ju­ve­nile vic­tim had a bruise and a small amount of blood in his eye, as well as a small bruise on his head where he had re­port­edly been hit with the stick. The boy al­legedly told of­fi­cers that the other ju­ve­niles had been pick­ing on him for some time and that he was scared of them. The of­fi­cer also spoke with sev­eral other ju­ve­nile wit­nesses who saw the in­ci­dent and gave sim­i­lar ac­counts. An adult neigh­bor who wit­nessed the vic­tim get­ting hit with the stick re­port­edly told of­fi­cers that she told the ag­gres­sive ju­ve­niles they should “quit act­ing like that,” and that one of them threat­ened to kill the ju­ve­nile vic­tim.

Of­fi­cers made con­tact with the fa­thers of two of the ag­gres­sive ju­ve­niles. The ju­ve­nile who had al­legedly punched the vic­tim had run when he saw law en­force­ment, ac­cord­ing to the other boys.

One of the ju­ve­niles re­port­edly told the of­fi­cer he had been at the vic­tim’s house but he had been vis­it­ing a friend and that the missing ju­ve­nile did hit the vic­tim but only be­cause he thought the vic­tim had spit at him. The boy wit­nesses had iden­ti­fied as the one who threw the stick de­nied do­ing it and con­tin­ued to deny it de­spite be­ing con­fronted with wit­ness state­ments.

Af­ter speak­ing with the fa­ther and ex­plain­ing to one that his son would have a com­pli­ant filed against him for throw­ing the stick, both adults said they would keep their chil­dren away from the vic­tim. The boys were left with their fa­thers and of­fi­cers went to look for the par­ents of the missing ju­ve­nile.

When they ar­rived at his home they were told by his mother that he had just left with his sis­ter. She was told about the sit­u­a­tion and she al­legedly told of­fi­cers that she had some knowl­edge of what had been go­ing on but “she thought [the vic­tim] had been run­ning his mouth at her son.”

Ac­cord­ing to re­ports, the of­fi­cer ex­plained to her that even if that were the case, her son was four years older than the vic­tim and that he “had no busi­ness putting his hands on him.”

The mother told of­fi­cers that she was un­sure about what ex­actly had hap­pened, but that she had heard her son talk­ing about the in­ci­dent. She said she would con­tact au­thor­i­ties when he re­turned home so that he could give his side of the story. As of press time, au­thor­i­ties had yet to hear from the ju­ve­nile.

Both the ju­ve­nile who al­legedly threw the stick at the vic­tim and the one who re­port­edly punched him have been charged with bat­tery.

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