In­de­pen­dence Day

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July 4 al­ways brings pause for se­ri­ous con­tem­pla­tion.

The ob­vi­ous ques­tion is how it was that a rag­tag band of colonists man­aged to ac­tu­ally win in­de­pen­dence from Eng­land. But as ev­ery na­tive South­erner should know, the July 4 week­end also marks the an­niver­sary of the piv­otal Battle of Get­tys­burg in the Civil War. How the Yan­kees, who up un­til then had suf­fered de­feat af­ter em­bar­rass­ing de­feat at the hands of the Rebels, could win the day against the South’s great­est com­man­der re­mains un­fath­omable.

Such re­flec­tions al­ways lead me to con­sider one of the most beau­ti­ful pas­sages of the English lan­guage: Abra­ham Lin­coln’s Get­tys­burg Ad­dress. While qui­etly con­tem­plat­ing each phrase, I most al­ways pon­der what it will take for con­tem­po­rary Amer­i­cans to en­sure “...that this nation, un­der God, shall have a new birth of free­dom - and that gov­ern­ment of the peo­ple, by the peo­ple, for the peo­ple, shall not per­ish from the earth.”

Amer­i­cans are to­day on an­other great bat­tle­field of civil war, called “po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness.” Those who would have the mi­nor­ity tail wag the ma­jor­ity dog in mul­ti­ple are­nas of life uti­lize the courts to ar­gue for Con­sti­tu­tional pro­tec­tion for ab­nor­mal be­hav­iors. They seek gov­ern­men­tal pro­grams to min­is­ter to all sorts of ab­nor­mal peo­ple to make it ap­pear that we’re all cre­ated equal.

We are not cre­ated equal. We, the hu­man race, may be viewed, equally, as chil­dren of our Cre­ator. But peo­ple are cer­tainly not cre­ated equal in terms of in­tel­li­gence, phys­i­cal gifts, ap­ti­tude, per­son­al­ity, lead­er­ship and cog­ni­tive abil­ity.

And so we are met on this “po­lit­i­cally cor­rect bat­tle­field.” The U.S. gov­ern­ment has spent un­counted tril­lions of dol­lars in­sti­tut­ing care for spe­cial needs chil­dren in our schools. The com­pas­sion­ate care for chil­dren with spe­cial needs helps the rest of so­ci­ety feel bet­ter about them­selves, but these chil­dren would be more ap­pro­pri­ately placed in Health and Hu­man Ser­vices fa­cil­i­ties con­structed and staffed specif­i­cally for them.

We are met on the “po­lit­i­cally cor­rect bat­tle­field” of state’s rights ver­sus the al­len­com­pass­ing um­brella of Fed­eral gov­ern­ment. States in­un­dated with il­le­gal aliens must ad­here to Fed­eral guide­lines seek­ing to en­sure the rights of il­le­gal aliens. What? Il­le­gal aliens have no rights! They should all be de­ported, end of dis­cus­sion. Is there any­one out there who truly be­lieves that the ma­jor­ity of Amer­ica’s cit­i­zens fa­vor grant­ing Con­sti­tu­tional pro­tec­tion to il­le­gal aliens?

We are met on the “po­lit­i­cally cor­rect bat­tle­field” fea­tur­ing re­me­dial cour­ses in col­lege. What? The words “re­me­dial” and “col­lege” should never oc­cur in the same sen­tence. We’re not all meant to go to col­lege.

We are met on the “po­lit­i­cally cor­rect bat­tle­field” of sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion. Can any one sane per­son de­fend ho­mo­sex­ual be­hav­ior as any­thing other than ab­nor­mal? Yet the Fed­eral gov­ern­ment in­sin­u­ates that the ma­jor­ity of Amer­i­can cit­i­zens fa­vor des­ig­nat­ing a month to honor les­bian, gay, trans­gen­der and bi­sex­ual be­hav­ior.

My de­trac­tors will say I’m in­sen­si­tive. I am not. I have friends who have chil­dren with spe­cial needs, and my heart breaks for them. I have friends who are ho­mo­sex­ual; in al­most ev­ery in­stance they are de­pend­able, hard-work­ing, tal­ented peo­ple, but have cho­sen to main­tain ab­nor­mal sex­ual re­la­tion­ships. And as a pub­lic school teacher, I cer- tainly rec­og­nize that chil­dren from a de­prived back­ground will not have the same ad­van­tages en­joyed by chil­dren of priv­i­lege.

But to­day, as was the case in 1863, Amer­ica is met on a great bat­tle­field. And across the board, from spe­cial ed­u­ca­tion to il­le­gal aliens to same-sex mar­riages, spe­cial in­ter­est groups seek Con­sti­tu­tional pro­tec­tion to be treated as if they were nor­mal.

“All that is nec­es­sary for the tri­umph of evil is that good men do noth­ing,” wrote Ir­ish philoso­pher Ed­mund Burke (1729-1797).

What will it take for this nation, un­der God, and gov­erned by ma­jor­ity rule, to have a new birth of free­dom — one which cher­ishes the ma­jor­ity opin­ion? Or shall gov­ern­ment of the peo­ple, by the peo­ple, for the peo­ple, per­ish from the earth?

Nat Har­well


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