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Dear Sirs: Pres­i­dent Obama’s re­cent lordly frolic be­fore the White House Press Corps (pro­nounced core) elicited the ex­pected bu­colic soft­ball ques­tions from those who are sup­pos­edly in the busi­ness of hold­ing our leader's feet to the fire.

Not much was gleaned from the ap­pear­ance ex­cept more pol­ish on Obama’s abil­ity with mono­syl­labic word dances to “hot” ques­tions de­vised from one scared bunch. And these are the peo­ple who will tell it like it is? Not one present who is not scared of his own shadow where the man from Hawaii (or wher­ever) is con­cerned.

His ubiq­ui­tous re­sponses prob­a­bly dazed and daz­zled his min­ions into be­liev­ing more strongly than ever that only he, the af­fected one, has all the an­swers to our prob­lems. Hope­fully many oth­ers might wake up to the fact his an­swers were no more than foul ca­lum­ni­a­tions-so redo­lent of class war­fare, and will not be ac­cepted. I would think that the pri­mary pur­pose of any pres­i­dent is to unite his peo­ple. Doesn't seem to be the case with Obama.

I be­lieve that Mr. Obama is in­deed a threat to the Con­sti­tu­tion that Thomas Sow­ell so elo­quently de­fended in his re­cent Cov­ing­ton News editorial col­umn. But just maybe enough Amer­i­cans now rec­og­nize that the splen­dor and re­ful­gence and youth they saw in the 2008 elec­tions was/ is a mi­rage and that our pres­i­dent thinks lit­tle of solv­ing prob­lems and unit­ing the peo­ple. But rather goal one for him is to se­cure four more years no mat­ter the cost of unity nor fix­ing the myr­iad prob­lems we all must face. I for one anx­iously await 2012. For the good of the nation he needs to be sent pack­ing.

Fel­ton Hud­son Stone Moun­tain

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