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When did mov­ing be­come so dif­fi­cult? In col­lege, I could pack ev­ery­thing I owned in my lit­tle MG and move from dorm to apart­ment to home with no sweat. Fif­teen years later, I packed the barest of ne­ces­si­ties in a new Volvo and moved to Ten­nessee. Well those easy days are gone. We just moved, and it took two huge trucks and more boxes than I could count. We packed, we packed some more, and then we got down to se­ri­ous pack­ing. It was time con­sum­ing to fill all those boxes, but I did learn some new pack­ing tips that you should hear about.

First, don't pack your un­der­wear. That sounds like some­thing you’d tell a tod­dler, but hear me out. It’s okay to pack your year­books, your mouse-themed sou­venirs from Dis­ney­land, and your old Bea­tles al­bums. Once you move in to the new house, if you can’t find those things right away, it’s no big deal. But, if you pack your un­der­wear, and that box gets min­gled in with 10,000 other boxes, it’s not go­ing to be pretty. How would you like to be get­ting ready for church on Sun­day morn­ing when you re­al­ize that you don’t know where your clean draw­ers are? Now, I’m not say­ing this hap­pened to me, but the next time I move, my un­der­wear is go­ing to be sitting in the car, right be­side me and my Bi­ble.

Don’t put your pre­scrip­tion medicine in a box ei­ther. Do you re­ally want to have to track down your thy­roid pills in the mid­dle of the night? I like my medicine right where I can find it, so just put your bot­tles and creams in the car with your un­der­wear and Bi­ble. And what­ever you do, don’t pack chocolate bars where the heat can melt them. Carry them in the air­con­di­tioned com­fort of your car along with your un­der­wear, pre­scrip­tion drugs and Bi­ble. Throw in your ra­zor too. Trust me on this one. No one should start their Sun­day morn­ing beg­ging for a sharp blade while run­ning around half naked and scream­ing, “Which box is marked ‘DAVID’S MED­I­CA­TION’?” In fact, the next time you have to move, just bor­row an old MG or a Volvo. Shove ev­ery­thing you can in the trunk, then stick your Bi­ble, un­der­wear, chocolate, medicine and a fresh ra­zor in the pas­sen­ger seat and hit the road. If you re­ally miss those Bea­tles al­bums, you can al­ways make two trips.


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