The God who knows

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Psalm 139:1 (New Liv­ing Trans­la­tion)

When I was grow­ing up, I would some­times sneak into the kitchen be­tween meals and make a stop by the cookie jar. I loved cook­ies, es­pe­cially my grand­mother’s old fash­ioned tea cakes.

Have you ever had those? I don’t think they even teach grand­moth- ers to make those any­more. They were al­ways just melt-in-your-mouth de­li­cious­ness in a bite. How could I re­sist?

I would try to be good, but some­times, I just couldn’t help it. I would go too near the kitchen, and be­fore I knew it, I was sneak­ing a lit­tle tea cake, hop­ing no one would see me, and try­ing to re­mem­ber to wipe the crumbs off my face when I fin­ished.

Some­how those tea cakes seemed sweet, but not as sweet as they had been when my grand­mother handed me a plate­ful of them and al­lowed me to eat as much as I wanted. Some­how, the stolen tea cakes were never quite as de­li­cious be­cause I had to worry about the in­evitable ques­tion that I was sure would come: “What hap­pened to all those tea cakes?”

Have you ever done some­thing in your life that you thought, “I hope no one ever finds out about that!”

We all have those lit­tle se­crets. Each of us has those times of shame and pain when we made un­wise de­ci­sions or did some­thing that we hope no one will ever find out about.

But did you know that God al­ready knows? In Psalm 139, the psalmist re­minds us that God knows us and the in­tents of our heart. Noth­ing about us is a sur­prise to God, not even our lit­tle se­crets.

How free­ing to know that the one pow­er­ful enough to save us from our­selves and our se­crets is the one who knows us the best. With the Psalmist, we can pray, “Search me, O God, and know my heart.” God who al­ready knows your heart wants to share your bur­den. God’s love and grace are far greater than any lit­tle se­cret you may have.


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