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To the ed­i­tor: Cov­ing­ton and New­ton County are blessed with hav­ing sev­eral em­ploy­ees on the pay­roll who are ex­perts at fix­ing stuff that isn’t bro­ken. Although the list is end­less. I will only take up enough of your time to name a few.

First is Pace Street. It has been just the way it is for more than 100 years. But it just isn’t good enough any­more. We have to de­mol­ish the en­tire area and then re­build it. Its pri­mary pur­pose is that it is a street and a street is use­ful in that you are able to drive on it. So, it isn't bro­ken but we are go­ing to fix it any­way. The pro­posed me­dian won’t let you make turns into busi­nesses lo­cated there with­out go­ing to an­other street to turn around or make a U-turn in the mid­dle of U.S. 278 to come back to go to the store. Boy is that a ma­jor im­prove­ment.

Washington Street is cer­tainly an­other of those streets which wasn’t broke be­fore we paid mil­lions to fix it al­ready. So now that we have al­ready fixed it, it isn’t good enough. We have to fix it again.

Amaz­ingly there are ac­tu­ally peo­ple on public dole here who are paid to come up with stuff to daz­zle and mes­mer­ize our public of­fi­cials into such a state of con­fu­sion, char­ac­ter­ized by a lack of in­tel­li­gence or rea­son­ing. That il­lus­trates their in­abil­ity to learn from pre­vi­ous mis­takes.

Or as best phrased by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Noth­ing in the world is more dan­ger­ous than sin­cere ig­no­rance and con­sci­en­tious stu­pid­ity.”

Now we have a plan to put blink­ing lights in all the trees on the square. Yes! This one is just about as ridicu­lous as the first two but much less ex­pen­sive. This idea lacks pur­pose in all sense of the word. Do you re­ally be­lieve we have peo­ple who are paid to come up with stuff like this?

Cut­ting to the chase here, all of these bone­headed projects should have been at the top of the list when the fi­nan­cial cri­sis reared its ugly head and then been cut from our tax bud­gets first and fore­most.

Why are these projects so ob­vi­ously cretin? There is only one rea­son you need to con­sider, again although there are many, and that is we have li­braries here with no books. We have li­braries here that are short staffed be­cause we don’t have the money to hire the peo­ple nec­es­sary to keep them at full tilt. We have li­braries here only open when we can af­ford to open them rather than when the peo­ple need them. What ex­actly does this tell you about the pri­or­i­ties of our elected of­fi­cials?

Our fo­cus is on re­do­ing Washington Street which cost mil­lions to redo only a few years ago. We need to redo Pace Street be­cause some­body who was ed­u­cated be­yond their in­tel­lect thinks we need to do so. And we have some­one who thinks putting blink­ing lights in the trees on the square is an­other pri­or­ity.

The com­mis­sion­ers and the city coun­cil can pri­or­i­tize these plans in­stead of light­ing a match to them and burn­ing the pa­per they were writ­ten on and make your tax dol­lars van­ish faster than a road­run­ner, leav­ing us, Wile E. Coy­otes, to lan­guish in bud­get cri­sis and lack of nec­es­sary ser­vices for the good of all the peo­ple.

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