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One of the largest known re­serves in the world, now pro­duc­ing oil from North Dakota, is sell­ing 100 per­cent of all the do­mes­tic oil from these wells to mar­kets over­seas. What is wrong with this picture is quite clearly vis­i­ble at the gas pumps all over the United States.

Some mar­kets are re­port­ing a near $5 per gal­lon for con­sumers while those same con­sumers are pay­ing fed­eral in­come taxes which go to sub­si­dize big oil. One of two things has to hap­pen when­ever Congress and the ad­min­is­tra­tion wake up and smell the cof­fee.

Ei­ther re­move all sub­si­dies from oil com­pa­nies that sell do­mes­tic oil over­seas or pass leg­is­la­tion which will keep enough of this do­mes­tic oil in the U.S. to re­duce prices in this coun­try to a palat­able level.

What is the real value of oil and what is a palat­able price at the pump? An an­nual es­ti­mate of what we should be pay­ing could eas­ily be found in an av­er­age price over a ten year pe­riod, for ex­am­ple. The pro­duc­ers would still be able to in­crease the price but would not be al­lowed to in­crease yearly at a rate greater than that av­er­age plus the cost of in­fla­tion. This would also end the daily roller coaster con­sumer ride on ever chang­ing do­mes­tic oil prices.

How would these con­trols be es­tab­lished? It would take a par­a­digm shift in the think­ing by Congress. They could be taught that Congress does not work for the oil com­pa­nies. Maybe there should be a manda­tory class each morn­ing for all Congress mem­bers to at­tend to in­form them of their ac­tual du­ties. In fact, they work for the peo­ple. The peo­ple vote, the peo­ple pay their salaries and ben­e­fits, and the peo­ple are be­ing ripped off badly by big oil with the U.S. Congress as en­ablers. In all fair­ness, our so­ci­ety has pros­pered from the free en­ter­prise sys­tem. But with the greed and lack of con­trol con­cern­ing some­thing as vi­tal to our econ­omy as noth­ing else in his­tory has ever been, it is way past time to rein in these scoundrels.

If you think the bank bail outs were ridicu­lous, then you have no clue as to the prof­its of big oil. We ‘bail’ them out ev­ery time we go to the pump. Sa­muel M. Hay, III


The Cham­ber of Com­merce with the sup­port of New­ton County and the city of Cov­ing­ton has made a lot of progress to bring man­u­fac­tur­ing jobs to New­ton County. It takes a com­mu­nity ef­fort to show New­ton County as a place to work, shop and raise a fam­ily.

It is dis­turb­ing to see an As­so­ci­ated Press re­port on the 11 Alive web­site ti­tled “The 78 worst schools in Ge­or­gia” and that the Chal­lenge Char­ter Academy that the New­ton County Board of Ed­u­ca­tion runs is on that list.

It dis­turbs me that our chil­dren are not get­ting the ed­u­ca­tion they need to be pre­pared to en­ter life. Also it be­comes an eco­nomic is­sue when fail­ing schools hurt the Cham­ber when it is look­ing to bring new jobs to the county. Our prop­erty val­ues are hurt­ing be­cause no one wants to buy a house where the school sys­tem has a bad rep­u­ta­tion.

It is time for the board of ed­u­ca­tion to close this failed ex­per­i­ment. It is also time we all come to­gether and make sure that our county’s most pre­cious re­source (our chil­dren) is first.

Thank you, Mark G Har­rah


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