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Salem United Methodist Church wel­comed a new pas­tor re­cently in the Rev. Joe Pe­abody, a self-la­beled preacher’s kid, sports junkie, lover of sail­ing, de­voted hus­band and fa­ther of two.

Pe­abody, 43, is a na­tive Ge­or­gian who has served in min­istry for many years, in­clud­ing as a youth min­is­ter, as­so­ciate pas­tor and head pas­tor at churches in Florida, Ge­or­gia and Ok­la­homa.

He was kind enough to par­tic­i­pate in a Q&A with The News. A cou­ple of ques­tions are listed be­low, and the full Q&A can be found at Cov­News.com.

Q: Why did you get into the pas­toral field?


Long story. Bot­tom line: there came a point in my life when I knew that I was not liv­ing a live whole-heart­edly sur­ren­dered to God and his will for my life be­cause, al­though I was ac­tively seek­ing to serve him as faith­ful Chris­tian, I was seek­ing only to do so on my own terms. I had yielded author­ity in my life over to God…or at least I had as best I knew how at the time (for I’m still learn­ing)… but I had with­held one area of my life — my vo­ca­tion. At the mo­ment, I stopped say­ing “no” and ini­tially said yes, I didn’t even know what I was say­ing yes to. I just knew I couldn’t pre­tend that I had fully yielded to his Lord­ship of my life when I was so clearly in out­right re­bel­lion in that one area. Most of my friends thought I was a pretty sin­cere, faith­ful, com­mit­ted Chris­tian at the time. And I was. But I was try­ing to live the Chris- tian life on my own terms, and that’s dis­obe­di­ence. So I started say­ing “yes” as best I knew how. And I’ve been do­ing my best to walk through what­ever doors God opens ever since.

Q: How would you de­scribe your preach­ing style/phi­los­o­phy?


I want my preach­ing to be both hope­ful and help­ful. I get ac­cused of be­ing a tad pro­fes­so­rial at times. I guess I’m a blend of teacher and story-teller. Mostly, I’m a guy who be­lieves what he says.

The Rev. Joe Pe­abody, who is the new pas­tor at Salem United Methodist Church, said his wife Al­li­son is the best thing about him. The two were mar­ried in April 2011, and Pe­abody is now the proud step-fa­ther of Parker and Ash­ton Mad­drey.

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