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Of­fi­cers re­sponded to the call around 12:30 a.m. Sun­day morn­ing, and when they ar­rived, they were flagged down by a man and wo­man who di­rected them to a mother sit­ting in a ve­hi­cle with her two-year-old daugh­ter. The mother was cry­ing loudly and breath­ing rapidly in a fran­tic state and told po­lice that three men kicked in her door and robbed her at gun­point.

She had po­lice fol­low her back home, but then told po­lice she wanted to go to her mother’s house un­til they cleared the area. After po­lice searched the Lake­view Drive home, they went to re­trieve the vic­tim and es­corted her back to her home where they in­ter­viewed her.

She told po­lice she was asleep in her room with her daugh­ter when she was awak­ened by a loud noise. She said all the lights were off and the room was only lit up by the TV.

She said a white glove hold­ing a gun ap­peared in her door­way and a male told her not to move. She said she went from the bed to the floor. The male told her to get up and then ap­proached her and held a gun to her head and walked her into the hall­way. She said her daugh­ter woke up and be­gan cry­ing in the bed and the man told her to get her daugh­ter and then held her at gun­point in the hall­way again with her daugh­ter in her arms.

The man asked her where the safe was and she pointed to the first bed­room on the left, but told him noth­ing was in there. She said the man di­rected her to the liv­ing room and told her to sit on the couch. An­other man held her at gun­point while she was on the couch and the man went to the bed­room to check the safe. A third man re­mained at the front door as a look­out dur­ing the in­va­sion.

She said her daugh­ter be­gan cry­ing again and the man in the room with the safe be­came an­gry and told her sev­eral times to tell her daugh­ter to shut up. She said the man took her phone and asked if she had called the po­lice while she was on the floor. The wo­man told the man she did not have any time to call any­one. The three men then left through the front door.

The wo­man waited sev­eral min­utes and then ran out the side door with her daugh­ter and got in her car. She said she left and headed down Wash­ing­ton Street and flagged down the first ve­hi­cle she came upon.

Ac­cord­ing to the re­port, when po­lice cleared and se­cured the res­i­dence, they ob­served the lower por­tion of the front door was kicked in, but still locked and the side door left open.

Po­lice re­ported that the blinds were torn down in the liv­ing room and it ap­peared a TV had been re­moved from the TV stand be­cause a cable cord was pulled and lead­ing to the front door.

Po­lice said the first bed­room had a strong pres­ence of mar­i­juana and men’s clothes were pulled from the closet and re­moved from a large plas­tic bin.

They re­ported that a safe was open next to the closet, which they said con­tained pieces of mar­i­juana at the bot­tom. Po­lice said they found small plas­tic bags on the floor near the safe. They also said sev­eral chil­dren’s toys were on the floor. Po­lice said there was no bed or fur­ni­ture in the room.

Po­lice checked the se­cond bed­room of the house. They said a roll of clear pack­ag­ing tape was seen on the mid­dle of the bed. Po­lice also said dresser draw­ers were opened and items were scat­tered as if they had been searched. Of­fi­cers also re­ported that a Chevro­let Monte Carlo was in the drive­way.

The wo­man told po­lice that the safe be­longed to her daugh­ter’s fa­ther whom she had an on and off re­la­tion­ship with. She said he came over to stay with her from time to time. She told po­lice that the Monte Carlo in the drive­way be­longed to a male friend and he parked the car there ear­lier that evening.

The safe and roll of tape were taken as ev­i­dence.

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