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Of all the dis­po­si­tions and habits which lead to po­lit­i­cal pros­per­ity, re­li­gion and moral­ity are in­dis­pens­able sup­ports. In vain would that man claim the trib­ute of pa­tri­o­tism, who should la­bor to sub­vert these great pil­lars of hu­man hap­pi­ness, these firmest props of the du­ties of men and cit­i­zens. The mere politi­cian, equally with the pious man, ought to re­spect and to cher­ish them.”

- Ge­orge Wash­ing­ton

It is elec­tion time and as sure as the swal­lows come back to Capis­trano ev­ery year, the Democrats and the Republicans cre­ate a plat­form that sup­pos­edly re­flects the party prin­ci­pals and goals.

At least in the mod­ern era of pol­i­tics we doubt that many peo­ple ex­cept the party diehards even know or care what the plat­form states.

The main rea­son that changes in the Demo­cratic party plat­form were no­ticed this year was that for some rea­son not yet ex­plained the men­tion of God was elim­i­nated from the Democrats’ plat­form.

It is en­cour­ag­ing that the elim­i­na­tion of God’s name in the plat­form caused a firestorm of dis­be­lief and anger across the coun­try.

On Wed­nes­day, the Democrats tried to cor­rect this un­ac­cept­able breach in good com­mon judg­ment and, on na­tional TV in front of mil­lions of view­ers, it took three called votes be­fore the name of God was placed back in the party plat­form. And the third vote was ques­tion­able – it is doubt­ful the vote rep­re­sented the wishes of the two– thirds ma­jor­ity of the party faith­ful that were present.

This coun­try was founded by the strong will of a group of pa­tri­ots who rec­og­nized that God was the very heart of its cre­ation.

Since that time and through ev­ery bat­tle or ev­ery cri­sis that our coun­try has found it­self in the mid­dle of the name of God has been ex­alted to lead us to vic­tory or to help us re­cover from cri­sis.

To­day we live in an eco­nomic mess that has de­stroyed fam­i­lies and busi­nesses and threat­ened our way of life.

We have no doubt that the name of God is men­tioned daily in the ma­jor­ity of house­holds who have suf­fered through one cri­sis af­ter an­other.

We are sure be­fore our valiant troops sta­tioned around the world go out on any mis­sion that the name of their God is on their lips or car­ried in their hearts.

To even fathom that mem­bers of the Demo­cratic Party elites could think for even a minute that the name of God was not im­por­tant to the fu­ture of our coun­try is a na­tional dis­grace and any at­tempt to right that dis­grace is a good thing, be­cause we be­lieve our God is a for­giv­ing God.

But by mak­ing this orig­i­nal de­ci­sion, it showed a to­tal dis­re­gard of the strong faith of a ma­jor­ity of the Amer­i­can peo­ple.

This was un­ac­cept­able.


For the past two months, we have been proud to run first-hand ac­counts from area vet­er­ans – our true lo­cal heroes.

Pete Mecca, who served in Viet­nam him­self, tells his fel­low vet­er­ans’ sto­ries with ten­der­ness and re­spect and treats those brave men and women with honor, whether they served in World War II, Korea, Viet­nam or the Gulf.

When we read about the courage and sac­ri­fice ex­em­pli­fied by our lo­cal vet­er­ans, we can’t help but be awed. These men and women gave up parts of their lives and trav­eled to far away lands to pro­tect us and our free­doms, and for that we thank them.

If you missed any of Pete’s sto­ries, they can all be seen at Cov­News.com. If are a vet­eran or know one that needs to be pro­filed, please contact Mecca by email at avet­er­ansstory@gmail.com or contact The News at news@ cov­news.com or by phone at (678) 750-5009.

Vet­er­ans, we salute you ev­ery day for your ef­forts past and present, and we thank Pete for de­vot­ing his ef­forts to chron­i­cling and help­ing us re­mem­ber their his­to­ries.

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