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You may gain tem­po­rary ap­pease­ment by a pol­icy of con­ces­sion to vi­o­lence, but you do not gain last­ing peace that way.

- An­thony Eden

Throughout world his­tory, ap­peas­ing one’s en­e­mies has proven time and time again not to work.

Be­fore World War II, Eng­land’s Prime Min­is­ter Neville Cham­ber­lain thought he had brought about world peace by ap­peas­ing Ger­many’s leader Adolph Hitler.

Dur­ing the war, as we later found out, our own pres­i­dent, Franklin D. Roo­sevelt, ap­peased the Rus­sians by not show­ing out­rage at the Soviet’s mas­sacre of 22,500 Pol­ish of­fi­cers and civil­ian lead­ers, who were the cream of the crop of that na­tion.

Even as the war was end­ing, Roo­sevelt and Win­ston Churchill both ap­peased Joseph Stalin at the Yalta con­fer­ence, the re­sults of which led to a pro­longed Cold War be­tween the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A.

Decades later, Jimmy Carter ap­peased the Ira­ni­ans, which has led to the mon­sters we are deal­ing with to­day.

Since his elec­tion, Pres­i­dent Barack Obama has taken us down the gar­den path of ap­pease­ment again and again in his deal­ings with lead­ers in the Mid­dle East and the world in gen­eral.

This pol­icy is an em­bar­rass­ment and dis­grace to the peo­ple who have come be­fore us and who built a na­tion with their sweat, tears and blood, not by bow­ing to ex­trem­ists.

This week the chick­ens are com­ing home to roost and, as a re­sult, we have had a valiant pub­lic ser­vant killed and three other Amer­i­cans killed be­cause for­eign cit­i­zens no longer fear that a mighty na­tion will re­spond to such an atroc­ity with speed and force.

We can’t af­ford to have four more years of this type of un­cour­a­geous lead­er­ship.

Think of the events of this week when you go to cast your vote on Nov. 6th.

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