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“That was the thing to re­mem­ber about all mon­sters; they love to frighten peo­ple, but the minute you stare them down, they turn tail and run.”

~ Jeanette Walls

Last week, it was re­ported that a sit­ting mem­ber of the New­ton County Board of Ed­u­ca­tion was at­tacked.

No, she wasn’t in a fight or phys­i­cally blood­ied, but she was hurt in a more dev­as­tat­ing and de­struc­tive way.

Shak­ila Hen­der­son-Baker was slan­dered last week by a name­less coward, who in her own mother’s neigh­bor­hood left let­ters in mail­boxes that ac­cused her of deeds which never hap­pened. We are cer­tain, know­ing the char­ac­ter of Ms. Hen­der­son-Baker, that would never hap­pen.

This coward, who ap­par­ently did not have the courage to ad­dress in per­son any is­sue that he or she may have, chose to at­tack an in­no­cent per­son in a way that is in­de­fen­si­ble.

We seem to have had more than our share of cow­ards here in New­ton County lately. It is a shame be­cause we live in a good and car­ing community and to have these type of cow­ardly acts hap­pen is a slan­der­ous slap in the face that causes all of us to be em­bar­rassed by the ac­tions of a few.

The re­cent spat of name­less at­tacks on the char­ac­ters of peo­ple in our community needs to stop for the good of our community.

Name­less cow­ards gen­er­ally be­come ex­posed and when that hap­pens they will for­ever be branded as the cow­ards they truly are.

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