Guns and hypocrisy

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One of the or­di­nary modes, by which tyrants ac­com­plish their pur­poses with­out re­sis­tance, is, by dis­arm­ing the peo­ple, and mak­ing it an of­fense to keep arms. ~ Con­sti­tu­tional scholar and Supreme Court

Jus­tice Joseph Story, 1840

Last Satur­day, a man named Jo­van Belcher did the un­think­able; he killed the mother of his child and then drove to his work and took his own life in front of his bosses.

The vast ma­jor­ity of Amer­ica would have never known about the mur­der-sui­cide if Belcher wasn’t a start­ing line­backer for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.

Be­cause of his sta­tus, this sense­less killing and sub­se­quent sui­cide made the na­tional news and was re­ported on by some ma­jor me­dia as if Iran had fi­nally devel­oped a nu­clear bomb.

The next day the Kansas City Chiefs played on na­tional tele­vi­sion and through­out the game the NBC’s an­nounc­ers treated Belcher with fawn­ing and al­most sym­pa­thetic kind­ness.

The truth is that Belcher is a mur­derer, and if you don’t be­lieve that just ask the fam­ily of 22-year-old Kasan­dra Perkins, a fam­ily that is griev­ing the tragic loss of a woman they loved and her now-par­ent­less daugh­ter.

Not only did NBC, and oth­ers, pay trib­ute to the life of Belcher, but the net­work also al­lowed broad­caster Bob Costas to present a com­men­tary on the in­ci­dent that placed the blame for the deaths squarely on gun own­er­ship.

Costas’ mono­logue was an un­der­handed at­tack on the Sec­ond Amend­ment, which pro­tects Amer­i­cans’ rights to own guns.

We sus­pect that the vast, vast ma­jor­ity of gun own­ers in this coun­try have taken classes to learn how to prop­erly use the guns they’ve pur­chased. Many own­ers go out of their way to be care­ful about the stor­age and han­dling of their weapons for the safety of them­selves and oth­ers.

For the ex­ec­u­tives of NBC to al­low their an­nounc­ers to im­ply that Belcher was in any way a good guy Sun­day is in­ap­pro­pri­ate and sends the wrong mes­sage.

For them to then trot out Bob Costas and al­low him to rail against gun own­ers is hyp­o­crit­i­cal and an abuse of the com­pany’s own First Amend­ment rights.

Own­ing a gun does not make any­one a killer; the il­le­gal and ir­re­spon­si­ble use of one could.

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