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“I know we can fix our prob­lems. When there are peo­ple in the room who care more about do­ing the job they were elected to do than they worry about win­ning re­elec­tion, it is pos­si­ble to work to­gether, achieve prin­ci­pal com­pro­mise, and get re­sults for the peo­ple who give us th­ese jobs in the first place.”

- Chris Christie, gov­er­nor of New Jersey

It’s dif­fi­cult to fully get into the hol­i­day sea­son when we are bom­barded with a con­stant threat of step­ping over the edge of a mys­ti­cal fis­cal cliff.

It’s also dis­cour­ag­ing and frus­trat­ing that we have elected lead­ers on both sides of the po­lit­i­cal equa­tion who feel ab­so­lutely com­fort­able in play­ing a game with ev­ery­body’s pock­et­book.

This bat­tle be­tween the Democrats, Repub­li­cans and a pres­i­dent who feels he was elected with some sort of pop­u­lar man­date seems sim­ple enough.

Democrats want to just raise the taxes on the wealth­ier among us who make more than $200,000 a year and don’t raise the taxes for those who make un­der $200,000.

If it was only so sim­ple; but, for the sake of ar­gu­ment, let’s pre­tend it is.

The ma­jor­ity of us ob­vi­ously make less than $200,000 per year, so why should we care whether the se­lect few who do earn that much bear the ad­di­tional bur­den of paying more taxes?

Well, we should all care for a cou­ple of rea­sons. The first rea­son is that many peo­ple who record $200,000 as an in­come are small busi­ness own­ers. Make no mis­take that when their in­come is af­fected and threat­ened, the peo­ple who work for them are go­ing to feel the ef­fects as well.

The other rea­son is be­cause of some­thing that seems to no longer to be a part of the Amer­i­can fab­ric: prin­ci­ple.

Prin­ci­ple says that all peo­ple should have to pay their fair share; prin­ci­ple says that if you work hard, in­vest, grow and pros­per you shouldn’t be pun­ished for that.

Have some peo­ple made their for­tune by be­ing crooked? Of course. How­ever, we be­lieve most peo­ple who are now con­sid­ered to be rich have earned their money the old fash­ioned way: by work­ing hard and wisely in­vest­ing their earn­ings.

We ex­pect our elected lead­ers to do what they were elected to do by pro­tect­ing our in­ter­ests and en­sur­ing that our coun­try sur­vives a fis­cal cri­sis, but the bur­den shouldn’t fall on the backs of the so called rich alone.

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