It’s a won­der­ful life


Ev­ery Christ­mas, I look for­ward to watch­ing, once again, “It’s a Won­der­ful Life.” I love see­ing Ge­orge Bai­ley in that most won­der­ful moment when re­al­iz­ing that he has his life back says, “My mouth’s bleed­ing Burt, my mouth’s bleed­ing!” The lead char­ac­ter in this 1946 clas­sic learns the won­der­ful truth that what is most valu­able in life isn’t riches, fame, or ad­ven­ture, but rather rela- tion­ships. Ge­orge Bai­ley learns that a good fam­ily and true friends will bring man more hap­pi­ness than worldly success. It is true that re­la­tion­ships are the most im­por­tant as­pect of our lives but our re­la­tion­ships with our fam­ily and friends must al­ways be sec­ondary to our re­la­tion­ship with God.

A.W. Tozer once said, “What comes to our minds when we think about God is the most im­por­tant thing about us.” I hope that what comes to your mind when you think about God is some­one that you know per­son­ally through Je­sus Christ. Christ­mas should not only bring us closer to one an­other but it should also bring us closer to God.

At Christ­mas we re­mem­ber that God the Fa­ther really does love us, and that he was will­ing to send his son Je­sus to be a sub­sti­tute for sin­ful men and women like us. Be­cause of Je­sus we can know God and have a very real and a very deep re­la­tion­ship with him.

So when you think about what is most im­por­tant in your life this Christ­mas, I pray that your re­la­tion­ship with God in Christ would come to mind. Know­ing God and his pur­pose and will for your life will only make your re­la­tion­ships with your fam­ily and friends deeper and more ful­fill­ing. Je­sus really is the an­swer to a won­der­ful life; as we cel­e­brate his coming let us fo­cus on know­ing him more fully. When we do, he will make us like him, for the sake of our joy and his glory.

Ja­son Dees is a grate­ful fol­lower of Je­sus Christ, the hus­band of Paige and the fa­ther of Emery Anna. He is also the se­nior pas­tor of First Bap­tist Church in Cov­ing­ton.

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