it’s im­pos­si­ble to run

The Covington News - - RELIGION - Dr. Wil­liam Burn­ham is a pas­tor at Point of Grace Church in Cov­ing­ton. He can be reached at burn­hamw@char­ter.net.

I have never met a per­son who was run­ning from God, yet who didn’t feel jus­ti­fied in do­ing so. How­ever, as jus­ti­fied as you may feel, it is still im­pos­si­ble to run away from an all present God (Psalm 139:7-12).

You can go deep into the things of men (like Jonah in the boat) or you can try to go far (like Jonah go­ing in the op­po­site di­rec­tion of God’s call). You can even be will­ing to die rather than obey, (play­ing the role of the mar­tyr like Jonah).

But it is still im­pos­si­ble to run to a place where God can’t see you or come for you. What the book of Jonah shows us is pos­si­ble is, your run­ning from God al­ways im­pacts oth­ers (Jonah 1:10) and some­times God’s love causes God’s grace to some­times ap­pear like a storm (1:4) and smell rot­ten like a fish (1:17). Maybe you’re in the midst of a storm or this time in your life just really stinks; maybe what you’re ex­pe­ri­enc­ing is the love of God.

Don’t for­get, God ap­pointed the storm, God ap­pointed the fish, be­cause God had ap­pointed the preacher. His in­ten­tions are not to drive you away, but rather to draw you back.

You want out of the storm and smell? He’s wait­ing for you to re­mem­ber him — call out to him to­day. “When my soul fainted within me, I re­mem­bered the Lord; And my prayer went up to you, into your holy tem­ple.” (Jonah 2:7)

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