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seek­ing the Holy Spirit

When Christopher Colum­bus wanted to sail around the world, peo­ple scoffed at him.

They be­lieved the world was flat and go­ing too close to the edge would cause them to fall off.

It sounds crazy to­day with all of our mod­ern-day tech­nol­ogy and knowl­edge, but it was a real fear to peo­ple who lacked the knowl­edge that we have to­day.

I find a sim­i­lar fear in Chris­tians who don’t get the Holy Spirit. He is not an “it”; He is the Holy Spirit who dwells in us. It is cer­tainly worth your time and ef­fort to get to know the Holy Spirit.

Like Colum­bus, those who ven­ture out will make amaz­ing dis­cov­er­ies.

I would like to in­tro­duce just a few (maybe enough to whet your ap­petite for more): Ev­ery be­liever re­ceives the Holy Spirit at sal­va­tion (Ro­mans 8:9).

Ev­ery be­liever re­ceives the anoint­ing of the Holy Spirit at sal­va­tion that stays with them for­ever (1 John 2:27).

Not ev­ery be­liever walks in or stays full of the Holy Spirit. This is why Paul says, “Be (con­tinue be­ing) filled with the Spirit ...” (Eph­e­sians 5:18). And, we must re­mem­ber we bat­tle our flesh over this very is­sue, be­cause our old flesh and the Holy Spirit are at war over who will rule us (Gala­tians 5:16,17).

But what if we ven­ture out to know more and give con­trol to the Holy Spirit? What will hap­pen?

In Eph­e­sians 5, Paul gives sev­eral warn­ings of how not to act and draws a con­trast to th­ese things with be­ing “full” of the Spirit (v.18), i.e., be full of the Spirit and you won’t do those things.

Acts 6:3 in­di­cates (as do other pas­sages) that godly wis­dom is an­other ben­e­fit of be­ing “filled” with the Spirit.

May th­ese few dis­cov­er­ies en­tice you to go fur­ther in your ven­ture to get to know the Holy Spirit more in­ti­mately. There is so much more to dis­cover.

“Don’t be fool­ish ... be filled with the Holy Spirit.” (Eph­e­sians 5:15a, 18b)

Dr. Wil­liam Burn­ham is pas­tor of Point of Grace Church in Cov­ing­ton. He can be reached at burn­hamw@char­ter.net.

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