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Robert Lee Banks, 30, 220 Field Lane, Cov­ing­ton, July 22. Bat­tery.

Jes­saquar­ius Cor­nelius Ben­ton, 20, 57 Gumtree Court, Cov­ing­ton, July 20. Driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended, sched­ule IV, noise vi­o­la­tion, im­proper stop­ping, drugs to be kept in orig­i­nal con­tainer.

Wil­liam Michael Blood­worth, 46, 45 Oaks Land­ing Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 17. Back for court, S38- 8256, vi­o­la­tion Ge­or­gia EMP se­cu­rity law.

David Wayne Bunn Jr., 23, Butts County Jail, July 17. Back for court; pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Gary Christopher Chap­man, 35, 290 Moun­tain View Cir­cle, Cov­ing­ton, July 17. Hold for Worth County.

Quin­ton Nmn Collins, 22, 185 Falcoln Ridge Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 21. Hold for other agency.

Der­rick Jamiel Davis, 28, Cony­ers, July 19. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana – less than 1 ounce.

Lisa Michelle Davis, 43, 10920 Cov­ing­ton By­pass, Cov­ing­ton, July 22. Two counts fail­ure to ap­pear.

Brent Michael Demark, 38, 90 Ch­est­nut Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 21. Sim­ple bat­tery ( Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act).

Kim Tara Demark, 35, 90 Ch­est­nut Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 21. Sim­ple Bat­tery ( Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act.)

Quin­ton Oneal Dennis, 35, 20 Myr­tle Grove Lane, Cov­ing­ton, July 21. Pass­ing on solid yel­low line, driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended.

Gre­gory Cor­daro Devoes, 24, 2232 Lee St., Cov­ing­ton, July 19. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

John Zechary Dorsett, 48, 81 Star Dial Road, Ox­ford, July 17. Hold for other agency.

Wendy Olivia Dowe, 41, 550 Oak Ter­race, Cov­ing­ton, July 17. Theft by con­ver­sion.

Frankie Dar­lene El­lis- Lay­fied, 40, 60 Rainey Way, Cov­ing­ton, July 20. Con­tempt of court.

Charles Kevin Frady, 40, Ea­ton­ton, July 23. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana.

Ken­neth Ray Hall, 47, 385 Creekview Blvd., Cov­ing­ton, July 19. Court sen­tenced to serve 3 days.

Christopher Har­ris, 24, 6199 Cherry Val­ley Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 20. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana – less than one ounce.

Brandy Louise Hines, 20, 51 Pop­u­lar St., Por­terdale, July 20. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

Jessica Ni­cole Hink­ley, 23, Rex, July 20. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana.

Justin Lee Hochmuth, 18, 140 Melton Way, Cov­ing­ton, July 22. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana, im­proper lane us­age.

Nikia Grant James, 38, Cony­ers, July 18. Hold for Bibb County.

Orville Or­lando Ant­wain King, 31, Litho­nia, July 20. Speed­ing, pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana.

Tyler Axle Mealor, 24, Mon­ti­cello, July 17. Theft by tak­ing.

Danile Ray Miller, 36, 12102 Brown Bridge Road, Cov­ing­ton, July 19. DUI, de­fec­tive equip­ment.

Travis Wade Mitchem, 24, 15 Elm St., Por­terdale, July 20. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

Ken­nard Moody, 20, At­lanta, July 20. No child re­straint, speed­ing, reck­less driv­ing.

Sonya Michelle Mote, 39, 235 Dear­ing Woods Way, Cov­ing­ton, July 17. Court sen­tenced.

Fer­nando Olea-Sam­brano, 38, Du­luth, July 20. No seat belts, brake lights and turn signals, no li­cense. Travis Alan Pad­gett, 20, 12102 Brown Bridge Road, Cov­ing­ton, July 19. Pub­lic drunk­en­ness.

Don­tavi­ous Bianco Phillips, 24, 1774-B Kirk­land Road, Cov­ing­ton, July 19. Bur­glary.

Vir­ginia Lee Phillips, 38, 745 Cowan Road, Cov­ing­ton, July 18. Theft by shoplift­ing.

Chezare Ra­mone San­ders, 24, Litho­nia, July 21. Op­er­at­ing ve­hi­cle with­out cur­rent li­cense, driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended.

Fredrick Dar­nell Sla­ton, 40, 45 Brighton Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 20. Sim­ple bat­tery ( Fam­ily Vi­o­lence Act), cru­elty to chil­dren, pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana – less than one ounce.

Lashunn Lavette Smith, 45, 108 Col­lege Walk Apt. A, Ox­ford, July 18. Theft by tak­ing.

Sheree Shanta Stan­ley, 40, 9126 Grif­fin Lane, Cov­ing­ton, July 18. Theft by shoplift­ing.

Mor­ris Alonzo Thrasher, 30, 60 White­head Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 19. Driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended, no proof of in­sur­ance.

Evan Robert Trainer, 18, 468 Mace­do­nia Church Road, Ox­ford, July 20. Duty upon strik­ing unat­tended; im­proper lane us­age.

Bob­bie Joann Van­dross, 17, 190 Deep Spring Way, Cov­ing­ton, July 21. Theft by tak­ing.

Shae Van­Wells, 31, Smyrna, July 18. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

Ha­ley Michelle Wil­liams, 17, P. O. Box 1721, Cov­ing­ton, July 19. Fur­nish­ing to mi­nor, pur­chase or pos­ses­sion of al­co­hol by mi­nor, pub­lic drunk­en­ness.

Luther Le­var Wil­liams, 431 Kirk­land Road, Cov­ing­ton, July 17. Theft by con­ver­sion.

Nel­son Leigh Adams, 49, Cony­ers, July 30. Con­tempt of court.

Robert Daniel Bal­lenger, 23, Hamp­ton, July 25. DUI, leav­ing the scene of ac­ci­dent, crim­i­nal tres­pass.

Martec An­quian Barkley, 21, 5157 lackey St., Cov­ing­ton, July 29. Pa­role vi­o­la­tion.

Keith Marshea Bay­nard, 23, Dover, Del., July 26. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Wil­liam Biddy, 20, Mon­ti­cello, July 30. Pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I and II drug ( metham­phetamine).

Jerry Henry Brown, 31, 123 Bear Creek Point, Mans­field, July 25. Crim­i­nal tres­pass, theft by tak­ing.

Stephanie Fuller Cox, 34, 240 Eleanor Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 30. Bond re­voked.

Jer­maine DaSean Crosby, 23, 70 Mid­dle­ton Way, Cov­ing­ton, July 30. Su­pe­rior court bench war­rant.

Sharaun Chan­tia Crow­der, 31, De­catur, July 26. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Brit­taney Ni­cole Dick­er­son, 26, 4147 El­iz­a­beth St., Cov­ing­ton, July 29. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Claude Thomas Fa­vors, 56, 7218 Pine­nee­dle Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 30. Court sen­tenced, city of Cov­ing­ton.

Quin­tibius Japel Fleet­wooed, 38, Col­lege Park, July 24. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Deana N. Fluk­ers, 17, Ma­ri­etta, July 25. Forgery in the first de­gree, forgery in the sec­ond de­gree.

An­thony Lakale Free­man, 33, 6167 Geiger St., Cov­ing­ton, July 30. Theft by shoplift­ing.

Pa­trick Homer Hardy, 47, 20 East Dol­lar Cir­cle, Cov­ing­ton, July 29. Driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended or re­voked first of­fense, sale, dis­tri­bu­tion, pos­ses­sion of danger­ous drugs, drugs to be kept in orig­i­nal con­tainer, pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana mis­de­meanor, pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I and II drug ( metham­phetamine), Pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule III and IV drug ( Xanax), fail­ure to ap­pear af­ter giv­ing cash bond, ad­mis­sion of guilt.

Lisa Janette Harold, 33, So­cial Cir­cle, July 24. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Richard David Hill, 38, 415 Mill Pond Road, New­born, July 27. Ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cers, giv­ing false name or ad­dress to law en­force­ment of­fi­cer, pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Lisa Michelle Howard, 35, Al­pharetta, July 30. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Latasha Key­onna Jones, 27, 3171 Clark St., Cov­ing­ton, July 29. Dis­or­derly con­duct, fail­ure to ap­pear.

Ti­mothy Bernard Jones, 45, Cony­ers, July 24. Pa­role vi­o­la­tion, theft by tak­ing.

Quwan Ray­mon Ken­drick, 21, Jack­son, July 25. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Paris Jla­mar Lan­caster, 32, Hamp­ton, July 30. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

James Ricky Ma­son Jr., 30, Lo­cust Grove, July 30. Pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I and II drug ( metham­phetamine), fail­ure to sig­nal when turn­ing.

Chelsea N. McClure, 20, Ma­ri­etta, July 25. Forgery in first de­gree, forgery in sec­ond de­gree.

Stephanie Elaine Mi­randa, 28, Mon­ti­cello, July 24. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Leon Mitchell, 54, Ma­con, July 29. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Erasmo Molina-Ro­driquez, 36, 4117 Gold Stone, Cov­ing­ton, July 25. Ag­gra­vated as­sault on po­lice of­fi­cer, crim­i­nal dam­age to prop­erty, pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Stacey La­mar Nol­ley, 44, McDonough, July 24. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Tre­maine Tanika Par­lor, 33, 5117A Bede Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 24. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Dartag­nan Ru­fus Perry, 42, 11481 Ga. High­way 142, Cov­ing­ton, July 25. Court sen­tenced.

War­ren Price, 44, 3124 Usher St., Cov­ing­ton, July 25. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Tre­la­mar Dou­glas Rev­els, 20, 9150 Wood­haven Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 30. Court sen­tenced.

Gary Ray Slone, 35, 4310 Ga. High­way 212, Cov­ing­ton, July 29. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Rod­ney Dar­rell Smith, 41, 3138 Hen­drix Cir­cle, Cov­ing­ton, July 30. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion, court sen­tenced to work re­lease.

Zane Michael Stodghill, 17, 434 Vaner St., Cov­ing­ton, July 30. Child mo­lesta­tion, ag­gra­vated child mo­lesta­tion, ag­gra­vated sex­ual bat­tery, sodomy.

Robert Glen Tan­ner, 44, 6 Meadow Lane, Cov­ing­ton, July 25. Back for court, pos­ses­sion of co­caine.

Dai­mond La­por­tia Tripp, 19, Mon­ti­cello, July 29. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Treveon Ma­lik Woods, 17, 11014 Flat Shoals Road, Cov­ing­ton, July 25. No mo­tor­cy­cle hel­met, op­er­a­tion of ve­hi­cle with­out cur­rent plate, ex­pired plate first of­fense, theft by re­ceiv­ing stolen prop­erty, ob­struc­tion or hin­der­ing law en­force­ment of­fi­cers, es­cape.

An­thony Lee Wynn, 53, 8107 In­dus­trial Way, Cov­ing­ton, July 25. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Larry Keith Wynn, 58, 3115 Alexan­der St., Cov­ing­ton, July 24. Child sup­port de­fault.

Ash­ley Marie An­der­son, 24, 245 Mid­dle­ton Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 24. Vi­o­la­tion of a T. P. O.

Pa­cino Kimo Belcher, 28, 104 Field­crest Drive, Cov­ing­ton, July 28. Li­cense re­quired, sur­ren­der of, fail­ure to dim bright lights.

Trey Christopher Britt, 18, Mon­ti­cello, July 28. Theft by shoplift­ing.

Erica Amanda Brooks, 32, Smyrna, July 25. Speed­ing, driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended.

Rhonda Lisa Broome, 49, 22314 Ga. High­way 11, Mans­field, July 27. Theft by shoplift­ing.

Kazmiya Shantrese Brown, 23, 420 Rose­berry Road, Cov­ing­ton, July 24. Driv­ing while li­cense sus­pended, leav­ing the scene of ac­ci­dent.

Caleb Michael Carter, 18, 105 Moun­tain Court, Cov­ing­ton, July 26. Theft by shoplift­ing, lo­cal or­di­nance.

Casey L. Clark, 20, So­cial Cir­cle, July 24. Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion.

Javal Ed­ward Co­hen, 31, At­lanta, July 30. Bench war­rant.

Evrett Nathaniel Dawes, 62, 160 Nor­man Road, Cov­ing­ton, July 26. Dis­or­derly con­duct.

Jerome Chris­tian Fra­zier, 20, 70 Oak Manor, Cov­ing­ton, July 26. Pos­ses­sion of mar­i­juana.

Terry Ladell Gibbs, 24, 7163 Jack­son High­way, Cov­ing­ton, July 28. DUI, no tail lights.

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