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Last Satur­day, I hap­pened to be driv­ing by the Hil­ton off In­ter­na­tional Drive, where the Oba­mas were sched­uled to re­gale wounded vet­er­ans mo­ments af­ter their limou­sine pulled up to the venue. You can imag­ine my sur­prise (and nau­sea).

Thanks to my trusty smart phone I was able to learn why we were be­ing graced with his pres­ence. It turned out that he was also ac­com­pa­nied by his wife and was in town to ad­dress a vet­er­ans group.

My first ques­tion was what vet­er­ans’ group in their right mind would in­vite them to their con­ven­tion? I was even more stunned to find out it was a con­ven­tion for dis­abled vet­er­ans.

I wasn’t sur­prised, how­ever, to learn that he had laid out a five­point plan to help re­turn­ing and re­tir­ing vet­er­ans (even while mil­lions of vet­er­ans are be­ing de­nied and/or de­layed ben­e­fits). Blath­er­ing about his plan du jour is the one thing he is good at. He loves to hear him­self make empty prom­ises he has no in­ten­tion of keep­ing.

That said, it’s a safe bet that he didn’t dis­cuss with the dis­abled vet­er­ans in at­ten­dance the fact that many vet­er­ans are now hav­ing ill­nesses and in­juries re­de­fined, which im­pacts their abil­ity to re­ceive the prompt care they de­serve. I’m sure he didn’t dis­cuss that fam­ily mem­bers are de­nied in­put in the treat­ment of cer­tain emo­tional ill­nesses af­flict­ing our ser­vice peo­ple. But he did con­tinue with his patho­log­i­cal lies.

He told the group of dis­abled vet­er­ans that those of us re­veal­ing the truth that Oba­macare will ad­versely im­pact mil­i­tary per­son­nel, and, specif­i­cally vet­er­ans and their ben­e­fits, were “spread­ing mis­in­for­ma­tion.” He swore that vet­eran ben­e­fits would not be af­fected by Oba­macare.

This is the same man who pub­licly ac­cused us of spread­ing mis­in­for­ma­tion when we said that un­der Oba­macare we would not be able to keep our own doc­tors, that there would be death panels, that il­le­gals would be fully cov­ered, and that the cost of cov­er­age would in­crease ex­po­nen­tially. He dis­missed as lies the other things we proved he was ly­ing about pur­suant to Oba­macare — in­clud­ing that he wouldn’t force doc­tors and hos­pi­tals who ob­jected to abor­tion to per­form same when, in fact, that’s ex­actly what Oba­macare calls for.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. As we ap­proached the in­ter­sec­tion, we ob­served a group of peo­ple (I pre­sumed to be a tea party group) with signs protest­ing his ar­rival and chal­leng­ing him to tell why he al­lowed Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty­rone Woods, and Glen Do­herty to be mur­dered in Beng­hazi by pur­pose­fully re­fus­ing to lift a fin­ger to help them.

There should have been a hun­dred times as many peo­ple protest­ing him as he ar­rived. I don’t know how well the group of peo­ple was able to get the word out, but I ap­plaud them for tak­ing the ini­tia­tive to show up.

The left gave peo­ple a few dollars. a bag lunch, and bussed peo­ple to protest Pres­i­dent Bush. Find­ing out Obama’s sched­ule in ad­vance is not dif­fi­cult. We should stage demon­stra­tions at ev­ery pub­lic ap­pear­ance he makes. We should demon­strate, de­mand­ing jus­tice for Brian Terry and Jaime Za­p­ata, who were mur­dered by his il­le­gal gun-run­ning op­er­a­tion Fast and Furious (and do not think for a mo­ment Eric Holder un­der­took Fast and Furious with­out Obama’s bless­ing).

We should protest at ev­ery ap­pear­ance he makes, de­mand­ing the truth about Beng­hazi.

Had I been aware that a group was go­ing to protest his ar­rival, I would have per­son­ally con­tacted them to show up. Dur­ing the 1960s and early 1970s, Pres­i­dents Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter were met with protests wher­ever they went. And the protests worked.

Malev­o­lent com­mu­nist groups took over Cen­tral Park and the streets of New York for months to protest Wall Street. Am I to be­lieve we can­not or­ga­nize and get a few hun­dred peo­ple or more out to protest at his ev­ery ap­pear­ance?

Send­ing emails to one an­other (many of which con­tain in­for­ma­tion that is in­ac­cu­rate and un­true) is not enough.

We need to or­ga­nize and show up pub­licly. The me­dia can only ig­nore such protests for so long. And more im­por­tantly, it will put pres­sure on the elected to hold him ac­count­able.

This is not a la­bo­ri­ous un­der­tak­ing. He is not in pub­lic ev­ery week­end. But when­ever and wher­ever he is in pub­lic, we should be there.

This is a sim­ple ac­tion we can take along with the other ac­tions I have of­fered de­signed to bring pres­sure to bear on him and feck­less elected of­fi­cials.

I have said it be­fore, and so I say now. We should learn from Europe and the ex­treme left-wingers in Amer­ica how to show up and protest. It is as much our civic duty as is vot­ing.



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