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Though her min­istry is small in num­bers, Pas­tor Grace Scott, 54, said her mis­sion is to win souls for Christ through bib­li­cal teach­ing.

The full-time banker said she started Truth, Grace & Mercy Chris­tian Church in April be­cause she wanted to con­nect fam­ily and faith.

Wor­ship ser­vices are held ev­ery sec­ond and fourth Sun­day at 3 p.m. in Cony­ers at the Hol­i­day Inn Ex­press, where Scott said roughly 30 mem­bers at­tend, lift­ing one an­other up through prayer and learn­ing the word of truth.

Scott, of De­catur, grad­u­ated from Columbia High School and earned a de­gree in Bib­li­cal ed­u­ca­tion from Beu­lah Heights Univer­sity in At­lanta. She was or­dained at Mt. Cal­vary Bap­tist Church in Greens­boro. The mother of two adult daugh­ters said she has been preach­ing the gospel for 15 years.

“As a preacher’s daugh­ter, I know the strug­gles of walk­ing and liv­ing [a] Chris­tian faith; there­fore see­ing my un­saved fam­ily

Paster Grace Scott started Truth, Grace & Marcy Chris­tian Church. mem­bers put a yearn­ing in my spirit for them to know God in the free parts of their sin,” Scott said. “I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit in 2012 say­ing, ‘It is time to rise and reign, so gather your fam­ily and con­tinue the call I have pre­or­dained.’”

“In God’s num­ber­ing sys­tem — 12 rep­re­sents or­der and govern­ment. This church started with 12 mem­bers — my­self, my two daugh­ters, my eight grand­chil­dren and my el­dest brother. This was a sign to me that my fam­ily and I were headed in the right di­rec­tion.”

Truth, Grace & Mercy Chris­tian Church is a non-denom­i­na­tional min­istry.

Scott said that, as pas­tor, she teaches sound doc­trine, be­lieves in reach­ing out to un­be­liev­ers, and pro­mot­ing love, pros­per­ity and dis­ci­ple­ship.

Scott added that the min­istry seeks to en­cour­age fam­i­lies to “love, give, study and pray daily for the Spirit of God to di­rect each and ev­ery one in truth so that the Gospel will be shared with all who will hear.”

Pas­tor Scott said she is “not afraid to be a mouth­piece for the Lord” and said she be­lieves it is her pur­pose to preach the gospel, be­cause “do­ing the work of the Lord gives me hope, joy, hap­pi­ness and peace.”

She said as TGM Chris­tian Church grows, she hopes to add pro­grams that will en­hance fam­i­lies phys­i­cally, men­tally and fi­nan­cially, in ad­di­tion to spir­i­tu­ally.

You can reach Pas­tor Grace Scott at 770-3233535 or by email at tgm­chris­tianchurch@ gmail. com.

Just a Thought: What is this world com­ing to? An end!

That’s right, God’s word tells us this world will come to an end. There is com­ing a day when God will cre­ate a new heaven and a new earth (2 Peter 3:13). But in the mean­time, we are to be look­ing, watch­ing, wait­ing with an­tic­i­pa­tion, work­ing as if it could be to­day, for the re­turn of our Lord Je­sus. Some 318 times in 260 chap­ters of God’s word we are told Je­sus is com­ing again. I be­lieve his re­turn is very near. Why?

Well, Je­sus told us what to look and lis­ten for as a sign of that ap­proach­ing day (Matthew 24:6-8): “6) You will hear of wars and ru­mors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must hap­pen, but the end is still to come. 7) Na­tion will rise against na­tion, and king­dom against king­dom. There will be famines and earth-

Gospel Singing quakes in var­i­ous places. 8) All th­ese are the be­gin­ning of birth pains.”

But why would Je­sus tell us to “see to it (we) are not fright­ened” by th­ese ter­ri­ble things?

Be­cause ev­ery­one who is in Christ has a prom­ise that we are safe and se­cure in Christ, and this is the be­gin­ning of an eter­nity with Christ.

If Je­sus re­turned to­day, would He be com­ing to re­ceive you? If you are un­cer­tain, place your faith in Je­sus to­day, the one who died on the cross to for­give your sins and rose again to guar­an­tee you a place with Him for all eter­nity (Ro­mans 10:9-13).

Then thoughts of the end of this world will be some­thing you look for­ward to — with­out fear.

Dr. Wil­liam Burn­ham is pas­tor of Point of Grace Church in Cov­ing­ton. He can be reached at burn­hamw@char­

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