Peo­ple aren’t buy­ing what the govern­ment is sell­ing

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The fol­low­ing are news head­lines I ob­served: “Obama: ‘Health In­sur­ance … Is Your Right,’” “HHS Launches Video Con­test to At­tract Young Oba­macare Sub­scribers,” “State Dept. Panel Ad­vises [Ho­mo­sex­ual] For­eign­ers in Civil Unions to Get Mar­ried,” and “Oba­macare Web­site Misleads on Abor­tion-In­duc­ing-Drug Man­date.”

Here’s my point. In the ab­sence of any vi­able merit to al­low­ing the fed­eral govern­ment to con­script one-sixth of the na­tion’s econ­omy un­der Obama’s so­cial­iza­tion of health care, the idea still isn’t sell­ing well on the street. Peo­ple are en­trenched in their op­po­si­tion to be­ing forced to subscribe to some­thing they are ve­he­mently op­posed to. And they are not for­get­ting how Obama looked into the cam­eras and called us liars and tried to bully us into si­lence pur­suant to the truth of his night­mare health care plan.

Govern­ment health care won’t make health care more af­ford­able; it will, in fact, in­crease the cost for in­di­vid­u­als and fam­i­lies ex­po­nen­tially. We won’t be able to keep or even choose our own doc­tors, as Obama as­sured us would be the case when he ac­cused those of us in­form­ing the pub­lic of that re­al­ity of deal­ing in mis­in­for­ma­tion. Obama as­sured the pub­lic that hos­pi­tals and med­i­cal per­sons would not be forced to per­form abor­tions if their re­li­gious and/or be­liefs sys­tems pre­cluded same. He called us liars when we said the health care plan in­cluded death panels. He said il­le­gal aliens would not be cov­ered un­der the plan; we now know for a fact that il­le­gal aliens will be cov­ered 100 per­cent un­der the plan.

The list of Obama lies pur­suant to his Ere­bu­sic health care leg­is­la­tion goes on and on, and the one thing we can be as­sured of is that he ex­empted all of Congress from what he is try­ing to force us into tak­ing. We are also aware that this is the govern­ment that has bankrupted So­cial Se­cu­rity, and that not only has no plans for fix­ing same, but also that en­gages in vi­cious ad hominem at­tacks against any per­son or group who sug­gests pri­va­tiz­ing it.

We know this is the same govern­ment that has vir­tu­ally bankrupted the U.S. Post Of­fice. And we know that this is the same fed­eral govern­ment that is com­prised of thieves, liars, frauds, tax-dodgers, known so­cial­ists and com­mu­nists who have pi­geon­holed for them­selves es­cape clauses that al­low them to en­gage in in­sider trad­ing with­out penalty. This is the same Obama-led govern­ment that has vir­tu­ally en­sured ev­ery­one at­tend­ing col­lege will be sad­dled for years, if not for­ever, with the bur­den­some debt of stu­dent loans as the in­ter­est rate on the stu­dent loans goes up even though Obama said that would not hap­pen. And we’re sup­posed to trust them with one-sixth of the na­tion’s econ­omy?

So what about the head­lines? Obama hopes to drive a wedge be­tween those of us who are old enough to un­der­stand ex­actly what our health care sys­tem is, and why it’s the best in the world, and youth­ful low-in­for­ma­tion peo­ple who can be de­ceived into believ­ing they are get­ting some­thing for noth­ing — un­til their first bill ar­rives.

This is a tac­tic that Obama and his kind have, for the most part, mas­tered. It is di­vide and con­quer through the in­cul­ca­tion of lies and mis­in­for­ma­tion de­signed so that those young per­sons who are un­sus­pect­ing will fall into the snare. And, by the time they re­al­ize they’ve been duped, they will blame govern­ment and de­mand that the same govern­ment that drove them into the abyss save them out of it. It be­comes a vi­cious cir­cle in which more and more power is ceded to the govern­ment and slick politi­cians.

We need to spend time with our chil­dren ed­u­cat­ing them about the truth of what is go­ing on, and what is be­ing done to them. Peo­ple are con­stantly telling me how they fear the fu­ture for their chil­dren. I say if peo­ple are as afraid as they claim, they should be afraid pre­cisely be­cause of their chil­dren who are buy­ing into what’s be­ing told to them.

When my friends and I gather with our chil­dren, the con­ver­sa­tion al­ways turns to ed­u­ca­tional and teach­ing mo­ments about govern­ment, ad nau­seum. When I was last in Penn­syl­va­nia, my friend, his wife, and I spent two evenings over din­ner, shar­ing with their son.

When my son joins us, our con­ver­sa­tions at some point al­ways turn to teach­ing mo­ments. The re­ward is when our chil­dren come back to us and tell us they saw ex­am­ples of what we were say­ing and they thank us for il­lu­mi­nat­ing them with the truth.

If there is a dan­ger to our fu­ture, as peo­ple are quick to claim — it is from the poor par­ent­ing skills of those who spend more time ex­am­pling to their chil­dren how to be “clue­less” than teach­ing them what the Dec­la­ra­tion of In­de­pen­dence says.

My­chal S. Massie is the for­mer National Chair­man of the con­ser­va­tive black think tank, Pro­ject 21-The National Lead­er­ship Net­work of Black Con­ser­va­tives; and a mem­ber of its’ par­ent think tank, the National Cen­ter for Pub­lic Pol­icy Re­search. You can find more at my­chal-massie. com.

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