Time to swear off ex­pen­sive watches

The Covington News - - THE SECOND OPINION - David McCoy, a no­to­ri­ous sto­ry­teller and proud Yel­low Jacket, lives in Cov­ing­ton. He can be reached at davm­c­coy@bell­south.net.

Edi­tor’s Note: This col­umn by David McCoy was first pub­lished Sept. 17, 2010.

Nice watches and I don’t get along any­more, and that’s just fine with me. No mat­ter how much I’m tempted by their beauty, I’ll never again buy an ex­pen­sive watch.

I can’t stand to see an­other “pre­cious timepiece” ru­ined be­cause of a fried gizmo, jammed cog, or leaky seal. From now on, I’m go­ing to adopt a friend’s idea. He goes for “cheap and dis­pos­able.”

My plan — “ex­pen­sive and dis­pos­able” — just wasn’t very smart. Once upon a time, I loved watches. I owned nice dress watches and snazzy ca­sual ones. And al­though I had more watches than I needed, I was al­ways look­ing for “just one more.”

Maybe I had a watch ad­dic­tion. I did go sight­see­ing at a fa­mous watch fac­tory when I was in Geneva.

I would have drooled on some of their beau­ti­ful watches, if they hadn’t been be­hind glass. Since I can kill a fancy watch just by touch­ing it, I could only imag­ine the dam- age my saliva would do.

Well, all those nice watches are now dead.

I accidentally brushed my arm against a stone col­umn and scarred up an ex­pen­sive Swiss beauty. Be­fore I could get it re­paired, its elec­tron­ics shorted out. Well, I wasn’t go­ing to pay 300 dollars to fix a 400-dol­lar watch. Two fancy Amer­i­can watches seized up just be­cause I didn’t wear them for a whole decade. More than one watch filled up with wa­ter.

Did you know “wa­ter-re­sis­tant” doesn’t in­clude a trip through the wash­ing ma­chine?

Well, I’m get­ting off the fancy-watch merry-gor­ound. If I ever do get an­other nice watch, it’ll just be a mat­ter of time be­fore I break it, drown it, or burn up its guts. That’s just what I do.

Lately, I’ve been wear­ing an in­ex­pen­sive watch that my son bought for my birth­day, years ago. It’s ac­tu­ally a beau­ti­ful watch, and I matched it up with the fancy watch­band from that burned­out, scratched up Swiss watch. I’ve re­ceived more com­pli­ments on that $12 watch than I’ve ever re­ceived on any other watch.

I can get com­pli­ments for just 12 dollars? Well, I’ve fi­nally seen the light. I don’t need ex­pen­sive watches. Let the rock stars and in­vest­ment bankers have them. My path in life is much sim­pler.

I’m des­tined to buy cheap watches, put fancy watch­bands on them, and then de­stroy them in my wash­ing ma­chine.

That’s just what I do, so why not save a few bucks along the way?



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