When all seems lost, there is hope in God

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“The LORD’s power over­came me, and while I was in the LORD’s spirit, he led me out and set me down in the mid­dle of a cer­tain val­ley. It was full of bones. He led me through them all around, and I saw that there were a great many of them on the val­ley floor, and they were very dry. He asked me, “Hu­man one, can these bones live again?”

I said, “LORD God, only you know.”

He said to me, “Proph­esy over these bones, and say to them, Dry bones, hear the LORD’s word!

The LORD God pro­claims to these bones: I am about to put breath in you, and you will live again.”

Ezekiel 37:1-5 (Com­mon English Bi­ble)

The day was pass­ing like just about any other or­di­nary day.

With my hus­band out of town and me at home with the chil­dren, it was a nor­mal day of cook­ing and clean­ing. One child was in school, and the youngest was hap­pily play­ing with his toys in the liv­ing room.

The tele­vi­sion was tuned to pro­gram­ming ap­pro­pri­ate for a 3-year-old, and we had set­tled in for the morn­ing.

Then the phone call from my hus­band came, ring­ing out the news of the at­tacks. All seemed lost and hope­less.

I quickly changed the chan­nel and saw the dev­as­tat­ing events as pic­tures were be­ing re­played. It just seemed too sur­real — like it wasn’t re­ally hap­pen­ing.

Many of us lost friends and loved ones that fate­ful day.

And for many fam­i­lies, in­clud­ing the fam­ily of a col­lege friend, all seemed hope­less.

Sept. 11, AKA 9/11, had come. We were not pre­pared for the shock that came that day.

The writer of Ezekiel wrote in his own words what most of us were think­ing af­ter the numb­ness of the day be­gan to wear off: “Re­ally, God? Can we ever go back to nor­mal liv­ing af­ter such a ter­ri­ble na­tional dis­as­ter? Can we ever trust again? It seems hope­less.”

But the words of the Lord come to Ezekiel, and he is told to speak God’s word to a val­ley of dead, dry bones, that even in the midst of death and de­cay, in dark­ness and empti­ness, in the midst of na­tional dis­as­ter, the bones would live again.

God would re­store not only life and breath, but flesh and blood to the dry and empty bones.

Some­times af­ter great dev­as­ta­tion, our souls can feel like the heat and dry­ness of the Ari­zona desert with its scorching heat and bak­ing sun.

We can start to feel like those dry bones in the desert — life­less and empty.

But hear the word of the Lord to­day: There is hope!

Just as God re­stored life to the dead, dry, empty bones, so God can re­store life to our dry, parched spir­its and bring us the warmth of his love once again.

Are you feel­ing dry and de­serted?

What ar­eas of your life are dead and life­less? Where does all seem hope­less?

Will you let God bring new life to the places in your life that are dead and dry to­day?

Rev. Jan McCoy is the as­so­ci­ate pas­tor of Cov­ing­ton First United Methodist Church in down­town Cov­ing­ton. She may be reached at jan.mccoy@ ngumc.net.

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