Global warm­ing?

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With no apolo­gies to those who still be­lieve the Earth is go­ing through a pe­riod of warm­ing, you’re mis­guided.

If you or your fam­ily has not been touched in some neg­a­tive way by our cur­rent arc­tic cold wave, con­sider your­self for­tu­nate. Many folks in our area lost power, found that they had burst pipes, or found their cars with dead bat­ter­ies or burst hoses. So far, we are for­tu­nate that this has been the worst of our is­sues.

Tues­day, lo­cal schools were closed. For those of us raised in an era when we walked miles to school in blind­ing snow­storms and wicked heat, this seemed at first to be a “wimp-out.’’ But clearer think­ing re­vealed this was a wise de­ci­sion.

Weather and med­i­cal ex­perts had been warn­ing us not to get out in this cold with­out be­ing prop­erly bun­dled up. Many chil­dren sim­ply do not have the proper cloth­ing for such ex­treme cold, so wait­ing out­side for trans­porta­tion could have been se­ri­ously dan­ger­ous for them.

Plus, heat­ing the schools enough to keep stu­dents com­fort­able would have put an ad­di­tional strain on the al­ready-stretched power grid.

There was also the pos­si­bil­ity of school buses break­ing down and leav­ing chil­dren stranded.

One more day off was not go­ing to hurt our chil­dren’s progress; the med­i­cal prob­lems that could have re­sulted from the cold, how­ever, might have.

Think pos­i­tively. They tell us that this weekend will be a balmy 65 de­grees.

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