Par­ents must be par­ents

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We are see­ing more crimes com­mit­ted by young peo­ple than ever in our his­tory. And in many cases, these are not petty crimes; they’re felonies that will fol­low chil­dren for the rest of their lives.

We are some­times see­ing al­most to­tal dis­re­spect for any type of au­thor­ity among even the youngest chil­dren, es­pe­cially in schools.

The zero-tol­er­ance pro­grams adopted by schools to com­bat this prob­lem are, as far as we are con­cerned, in­ef­fec­tive. These pro­grams treat ev­ery is­sue as black-or-white; they do not see a gray area. Though adults in au­thor­ity should have the right to make decisions about chil­dren in their charge, a one-rule-fits-all ap­proach has not worked.

What is hap­pen­ing? The No. 1 prob­lem, as far as we are con­cerned, is the one-par­ent fam­ily struc­ture that is now preva­lent in our so­ci­ety. This is­sue has been ad­dressed in many dif­fer­ent ways by peo­ple who are more ex­pert than we are.

And there is an­other prob­lem in many homes: Some­times, lov­ing par­ents sim­ply read too many books that in­struct them to raise their chil­dren as their equals.

Last week, we read an in­ter­est­ing piece in the At­lanta Jour­nal-Con­sti­tu­tion by well-known child psy­chol­o­gist John Rose­mond. It was called, “Why ar­gu­ing with your chil­dren is worth­less.”

Rose­mond pointed out that par­ents should never get on the same level as their chil­dren, and that they don’t owe a child a de­tailed ex­pla­na­tion for ev­ery ac­tion taken in deal­ing with that child.

Rose­mond also said this: When it comes to dis­ci­pline, par­ents must fol­low through.

We are sure that most of you re­mem­ber the old re­frain “be­cause I told you so.” It seems that was not such a bad an­swer af­ter all.

It is not easy be­ing a par­ent, but the very fu­ture of our coun­try de­pends on par­ents tak­ing the proper re­spon­si­bil­ity and rais­ing chil­dren who re­spect au­thor­ity and other peo­ple.

Un­less par­ents do step up, the moral morass we are in right now will only deepen, and our chil­dren’s fu­ture will be bleak.

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