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Few things beat a cold bev­er­age on a hot day. When time is of the essence, there are ways to cool down bot­tled or canned bev­er­ages quickly. In­di­vid­ual bot­tles can be wrapped in a wet paper towel and stashed in the freezer for a few min­utes. How­ever, if you will be hav­ing a party and want to get bev­er­ages ready for the crowd, cre­ate a salty ice bath. Salt does not ac­tu­ally make wa­ter colder, but it will sup­press the freez­ing point of wa­ter. That means wa­ter can be­come much colder — and re­tain that tem­per­a­ture — with­out freez­ing over to ice. If no salt were added, the cold­est the wa­ter would reach would be 32 F. By adding salt, wa­ter can get as low as -6 F. This means items sub­merged in a salty ice bath will get colder much more quickly. Fill a cooler half- way with ice. Add the bev­er­ages un­til they are cov­ered by ice. Then add wa­ter un­til the ice is sub­merged. Mix in ta­ble salt or rock salt to sup­press the freez­ing point of the wa­ter. Af­ter 10 min­utes or more, the bev­er­agesshould be icy cold.

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