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For most people, there is typ­i­cally one main mo­ti­va­tor for want­ing to get in shape for the the sea­son.

Whether it’s a new swim­suit they’d like to pur­chase in a smaller size or they just want last But sum­mer boasts an abun­dance of out­door ac­tiv­i­ties that take away the “chore” of get­ting fa­vorite sum­mer wardrobe sta­ples.

“Now that the weather is warmer, people are out­side train­ing more,” said KT Tape Founder Jim Jen­son. “It is im­por­tant to have the proper train­ing gear and equip­ment to avoid in­jury.”

Go take a hike

Noth­ing al­lows you to take in the peace and tran­quil­ity of na­ture more than a long hike. This sum­mer, in­cor­po­rate many long hikes into your weekly rou­tine and build up your en­durance ex­er­cise. Check with your county and state parks for trails and ex­pand on your hik­ing skills, ad­vanc­ing in as the sea­son pro­gresses.

What it works: en­gages the quadri­ceps, ham­strings, calves and gluts. This ac­tiv­ity also strength­ens your ab­dom­i­nal core, es­pe­cially while car­ry­ing a heavy pack.

Break a sweat, court­side

All you need to in­crease your heart rate is a bas­ket­ball and an empty court at the lo­cal park or school play­ground. Prac­tice shoot­ing, nor­mal drib­bling, and drib­bling be­hind the back of your legs. Make it a weekly event to gather for a game with friends and you’ll for­get you are even work­ing out. What it works: Bas­ket­ball can be a it mainly tar­gets your tri­ceps, shoul­ders, bi­ceps and pec­toral mus­cles.

Go for a swim

While the sum­mer days of­ten bring about oc­ca­sions to re­lax by the pool, there’s no rea­son not to jump right in. Take refuge from the sun’s heat and burn calo­ries at the same time by swim­ming. This ex­er­cise is a top choice for those with phys­i­cal lim­i­ta­tions or who — such as walk­ing, hik­ing painful. What it works: Swim­ming works all ma­jor mus­cles groups, es­pe­cially the shoul­ders, ab­dom­i­nals, legs, hips and back.

When the weather warms up and spend­ing hours at the gym sounds less ap­peal­ing, give a few of these fun

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