New­ton sup­port is tremen­dous


Satur­day’s epic con­test was one of the best games I’ve ever seen live, and I’m not talk­ing about Ar­gentina vs. Bel­gium.

I’m talk­ing about the 12U New­ton All- Stars ver­sus Athens. It was an ex­cit­ing matchup, which ended with an 8-5 score. There were at least three home runs in the game and a host of great plays both of­fen­sively and de­fen­sively. How­ever, the stel­lar play of 24 12 year olds wasn’t the rea­son the games were so great.

It was the crowd. The par­ents, friends and just ca­sual watch­ers were the most in­trigu­ing as­pect of the game. If you’ve never been able to at­tend a Lit­tle League game, you should. There’s al­ways some­thing to see.

Whether it be a kid’s hi­lar­i­ously cute mis­take or an out­raged par­ent, who may or may not know ex­actly what they’re talk­ing about, dis­put­ing a call the um­pire makes, it’s fun to watch. It is truly people-watch­ing at its finest.

New­ton’s matchup didn’t pro­vide any­thing to this ex­tent, but the en­vi­ron­ment was rich with pride and overwhelming sup­port.

Quickly af­ter the 11/ 12 all- star game, I over­heard a par­ent say, “We should go cheer on that other New­ton team.”

One lit­tle girl had one of the best re­ac­tions to one of the op­pos­ing team’s tent al­most blow­ing away af­ter New­ton was vic­to­ri­ous. She said, “That’s what hap­pens when you lose, Athens.”

That’s not sports­man­ship, but she’s a cute kid and it was hi­lar­i­ous.

Al­though that other New­ton team went on to lose its matchup, the pride of New­ton was ev­i­dent through­out City Pond’s week of host­ing the Lit­tle League District Cham­pi­onship.

Fan re­ac­tions were price­less. As the stands were packed with fans to watch the lit­tle league district cham­pi­onship, emo­tions were high, but in con­trol.

The fans were cheer­ing tremen­dously af­ter each home run or hit or play on de­fense that led to an out. They were also let­ting their opin­ions be known on cer­tain calls that they felt should have gone an­other way.

I sat on the deck and watched from afar, but in one of the games I at­tended, I sat with a group of people who were root­ing for New­ton and they knew pretty much the name of ev­ery player. They also knew how that player had done so far, how good he was, where he played and pretty much all the stuff you’d ex­pect a coach to know.

There were also many voiced opin­ions of the re­spec­tive coaches both good and bad, but mostly good.

While a Lit­tle League game isn’t a huge spec­ta­cle com­pared to Ma­jor League Base­ball, it is still fun to watch. If not for the fans – which is a show in it­self – then at least for the promis­ing young stars of to­mor­row.

Dar­rell Everidge /The Cov­ing­ton News

Fans of the New­ton 12U All-Stars await the game to restart be­cause of bad weather. New­ton County came out in full force this past week to sup­port its teams. Sha­keem Hol­loway is the sports edi­tor at The News. You can reach him at 770-728-1413 or shol­loway@cov­news. com.

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