New­ton county jail log

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Harold Glenn Aikens, 51, Por­terdale, June 21, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Robert Dean Banks, 45, Cov­ing­ton, June 21, Ha­bit­ual Vi­o­la­tors Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended, Driv­ing w/o Head­lights in the Dark

Tati­juana Shu­ni­qua Banks, 23, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Forgery in the First De­gree

Juan Joel Can­non, 21, Cov­ing­ton, June 20, Ter­ror­is­tic Threats and Acts, Sim­ple Bat­tery

Corey La­mont Carr, 36, Litho­nia, June 21, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion, Child Sup­port De­fault

Travis Mon­te­vius Church, 22, Cov­ing­ton, June 23, Week­enders

An­to­nio Don­tay Cook, 31, Dublin, June 23, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Steven Luke Craw­ford, 29, Cov­ing­ton, June 20, Ob­struc­tion or Hin­der­ing Law En­force­ment Of­fi­cers

Julius An­tione Curry, 22, Litho­nia, June 23, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Daniel Joseph David­son, 32, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Toni Maria Ea­son, 52, Ox­ford, June 19, Pos­ses­sion of Arms by Con­victed Felon and First Of­fender, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Erin Natalie Eskew, 24, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Rus­sell Leon Fos­ter, 60, De­catur, June 23, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Justin Ray Fox, 21, Ox­ford, June 21, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Evan Mark Gagne, 20, Cov­ing­ton, June 18, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended or Re­voked

Charles Henry Gall­man, 30, Jack­son, June 18, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

James Te­mar­ius Ge­orge, 26, Cov­ing­ton, June 23, Stop Signs and Yield Signs, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less than One Ounce

Ricky Floyd Gibbs, 53, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Theft by Shoplift­ing

El­iz­a­beth Di­nah Gilchrist, 51, Por­terdale, June 24, Hold for Other Agency

Brian Alexan­der Glasper, 35, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Pub­lic Drunk­en­ness

Hohn Henry Glover, Jr., 46, Stone Moun­tain, June 18, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Den­nis Wayne Goolsby, 56, Cov­ing­ton, June 21, Crim­i­nal Tres­pass

Chad Josseph Guillot, 39, McDonough, June 23, Pos­ses­sion and Use of Drug Re­lated Ob­jects, Pos­ses­sion, Manu, Dis­trib, Etc., of Con­trol Sub

Michelle Lynn Har­al­son, 43, Cov­ing­ton, June 18, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Quin­to­nio De­mond Head, 36, Cov­ing­ton, June 22, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Karen Deann Hunt, 47, Mans­field, June 20, Pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I and II, Im­proper Lane Us­age, Ex­pired Driver’s Li­cense, Drug Re­lated Ob­jects

Bren­gayle Dan­tae Jack­son, 33, Ox­ford, June 19, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion, Forgery in the First De­gree, Iden­tity Fraud

Quin­tar­i­ous Lodell Jeff, 17, Cov­ing­ton, June 21, Dis­or­derly Con­duct

Joel Adam John­son, 34, Cov­ing­ton, June 18, Ob­struc­tion or Hin­der­ing Law En­force­ment Of­fi­cers, Pub­lic In­de­cency

Josha­line Keyuna Kel­ley, 21, Barnesville, June 20, Fail­ure to Ap­pear Af­ter Giv­ing Cash Bond

Christo­pher Shawn Ken­ney, 41, Stock­bridge, June 19, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Charles O’Neal Lee, 45, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Fail­ure to Ap­pear, child Sup­port De­fault, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Stephen Al­win Leitch, 26, Cov­ing­ton, June 21, Loi­ter­ing or Prowl­ing

Bran­don Raven Martin, 21, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Seth Daniel McAlear-Rober­son, 18, Cov­ing­ton, June 20, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Rae­fal Mata McGrew, 28, St. Matthews, SC, June 23, Pos­ses­sion, Manu, Dis­trib, Etc. of Con­trol Subs, Pos­ses­sion of Firearm or Knife While Try­ing to Com­mit Crime, Speed­ing – 10-14 Over, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended or Re­voked

Ryan Scott Mitchell, 21, Mon­roe, June 23, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Ed­ward Wil­liam Or­tiz, 37, Wrightsville, June 18, Loi­ter­ing or Prowl­ing, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Bran­don Lee Over­turf, 23, Lo­ganville, June 18, Sim­ple Bat­tery, Pub­lic Drunk­en­ness

Michael James Paul, 18, Ox­ford, June 19, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Deloris Jean Pot­ter, 40, McDonough, June 23, Stan­dards for Brake Lights and Sig­nal De­vices, Pos­ses­sion and Use of Drug re­lated Ob­jects

James Robert Puck­ett, 27, Beth­le­hem, June 20, Pos­ses­sion of Sched­ule I and II, Drug Re­lated Ob­jects,

Criso­foro Puga, Jr., 23, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Raquale Leigh Rea­gin, 22, Mon­ti­cello, June 20, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

An­gela Paige Richard­son, 29, Cov­ing­ton, June 18, Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion

Marya Nishaque Rooks, 40, At­lanta, June 20 Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Quin­nethia Keiere Rus­sell, 21, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Sim­ple Bat­tery

Joshua Jef­frey Shull, 25, Cov­ing­ton, June 19, Crim­i­nal Tres­pass, Bat­tery

Luther Clark Smith, 50, Cov­ing­ton, June 22, Child Sup­port

Henry Andrew Sneed, 33, Mon­roe, June 18, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion, Pos­ses­sion, Manu, Dis­trib, etc., of Con­trol Subs, Drug Re­lated Ob­jects, Loi­ter­ing or Prowl­ing

James Anthony Spray­berry, 52, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended or Re­voked

By­ron Bra­nor­ris Teasley, 47, Win­der, June 19, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion Main­tain Lane

Brian Patrick McMona­gle, 32, Ox­ford, June 29, DUI, Al­ter­ation of Li­cense Plates

Bernard Muhire, 27, Stock­bridge, June 29, DUI, Open Container

Bobby Dwayne Ram­sey, 53, Cov­ing­ton, July 7, Im­pend­ing Traf­fic Flow, Open Container, Driv­ing Un­der the In­flu­ence of Al­co­hol or Drugs

James Shawn Tur­by­field, 43, Cov­ing­ton, July 4, Driv­ing Un­der the In­flu­ence of Al­co­hol or Drugs, Brake Lights and Turn Sig­nals Re­quired

Tammy Sue Ben­der, 41, Por­terdale, July 5, DUI/Drugs, Im­proper Lane Us­age

Janice NMN Dion, 46, Mon­roe, July 6, DUI, Speed­ing – 25 to 34 Over

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