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when you pa­rade peo­ple around on tele­vi­sion and show­case them as a spe­cial case sim­ply be­cause of their sex­u­aity, it de­feats the idea of equal­ity.

There are other cases in which I imag­ine Dungy wouldn’t draft a player be­cause of the dis­trac­tion he might cause. Play­ers such as Tim Te­bow and Johnny Manziel cause sim­i­lar dis­trac­tions in the me­dia if not more.

Just look at the ridicu­lous amount of cov­er­age on Te­bow just a few years ago when he was with the Bron­cos for that crazy, yet hys­ter­i­cal play­off run ( they beat the Steel­ers!). Te­bow was all over Sport­scen­ter and John Fox al­ways had that look of dis­dain on his face when he was asked about the quar­ter­back who went 2-8 in a game the team man­aged to win.

Sam will cause the same prob­lems and for the wrong rea­sons. Un­less he is be­ing treated dif­fer­ently be­cause of his sex­ual pref­er­ence, then there is no story. He’s a seventh round pick, who will likely be cut (but then again he prob­a­bly won’t be­cause cut­ting him could cause an even big­ger PR dis­as­ter) – that’s it.

Also con­sider

this: Manziel is a first round tal­ent, Sam is not. In the NFL tal­ent trumps all. If Jade­veon Clowney (the first over­all pick in the draft) was gay he’d still get picked No. 1 be­cause he is tal­ented.

Talk­ing heads and oth­ers are calling Dungy hyp­o­crit­i­cal be­cause he sup­ported Michael Vick when he got out of prison for dog­fight­ing. The two sit­u­a­tions are not the same. When Dungy sup­ported Vick (who is also quite tal­ented when healthy) he didn’t sign him as a free agent be­cause he wasn’t a coach. He of­fered Vick sup­port and guid­ance from the out­side while he was in prison. Dungy isn’t lift­ing sup­port of Sam, he’s just say­ing he wouldn’t want to deal with the dis­trac­tions it may bring.

“But wasn’t Vick a dis­trac­tion?” To a de­gree yes he was, but not to the level of a Michael Sam, and again it’s not like Dungy put Vick on his team. He served as a men­tor not as a GM, as in this sit­u­a­tion.

I have no prob­lem with what Tony Dungy said. I would have drafted Sam if I thought he could help my team, gay or straight, but Dungy’s quote does have merit; it’s not some­thing that should be writ­ten off eas­ily.

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