Our thoughts NYT’s pro-mar­i­juana stance is dis­ap­point­ing

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The New York Times editorial board this past Sun­day called for the fed­eral govern­ment to le­gal­ize mar­i­juana in the United States.

As far as we are con­cerned, this is a new low for a pa­per that had at one time some cred­i­bil­ity.

We are not prudes; we en­joy a drink from time to time, and we have as­so­ciates who smoke the good old weed in their home from time to time, but to en­dorse the whole­sale use of this prod­uct is at best just plain dumb.

Here we are in this coun­try spend­ing bil­lions of dol­lars dis­cour­ag­ing peo­ple from smok­ing; we have let a mi­nor­ity group like Moth­ers Against Drunk Driv­ing change the so­cial drink­ing laws in this coun­try to the point that if you are out to din­ner and have a glass of wine and are stopped, not only are you pub­li­cally shamed but the cost to try to gain back your driv­ing priv­i­leges is astro­nom­i­cal.

Two states, Colorado and Wash­ing­ton, have made mar­i­juana le­gal in a short pe­riod of time. The un­fore­seen con­se­quences of the im­ped­i­ment that smok­ing this drug causes are just now start­ing to be un­der­stood. The rea­son that the lead­ers of these two states passed this leg­is­la­tion is strictly for the tax ben­e­fits; we hardly think this is a good rea­son to make this de­struc­tive drug le­gal.

The state of Ge­or­gia is study­ing al­low­ing mar­i­juana for med­i­cal use. If in fact mar­i­juana helps peo­ple in deep pain, we ac­cept that as long as there are tight con­trols.

Un­for­tu­nately, just as the pen­du­lum of life does not stop in the mid­dle, open­ing the door to the le­gal­iza­tion of mar­i­juana for med­i­cal use in Ge­or­gia is just go­ing to open the door for the full le­gal­iza­tion of mar­i­juana in the state of Ge­or­gia.

We are op­posed to this. If you are, too, con­tact your state rep­re­sen­ta­tives and let them know your feel­ings.

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