New­ton county jail log

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Der­rick Smith, 28, Cov­ing­ton, June 27, Pa­role Vi­o­la­tion

Kim­berly Elissa Ter­rell, 39, Cov­ing­ton, June 27, Con­tempt of court

Carl Jerome Tillman, 58, At­lanta, June 30, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Chan­tal Re­nee Vaughn, 27, Bainbridge, June 25, Ter­ror­is­tic Threats and Acts, Ha­rass­ing Phone Calls

Hoyt Lee Watts, 27, Cov­ing­ton, June 26, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended or Re­voked, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Jes­sica Denise Wil­liams, 28, Cov­ing­ton, June 28, Pro­ba­tion vi­o­la­tion, Giv­ing False Name or Ad­dress to Law en­force­ment Of­fi­cer

Jonathan Glen Wil­liams, 30, Oak­wood, June 24, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion, Child Sup­port De­fault/ Con­tempt of Court

Tati­juana Shu­ni­qua Banks, 23, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Forgery in the First De­gree

Tawanna Ni­cole Belcher, 29, Mans­field, June 28, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than One Ounce

Keyria Lashy Black­well, 19, Cov­ing­ton, June 27, Ob­struc­tion or Hin­der­ing Law

Ger­man Bland­ing, III, 40, Cov­ing­ton, June 27,

Javaris De­lane Brake, 29, Ox­ford, June 24, Hold for Other Agency

Er­rin Marvin But­ler, 54, Litho­nia, June 28, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended, Op­er­a­tion of Ve­hi­cles With­out Cur­rent, No Seat Belts

John Ed­win Cham­bers, 37, Cov­ing­ton, June 27, Op­er­a­tion of Veh with­out Cur­rent, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended

Bil­lie Lee Davis, 29, Cov­ing­ton, June 28, Bat­tery

Vic­tor Dan­gelo Davis, 23, Cov­ing­ton, June 27,

Eldrin Allen El­li­son, 34, De­catur, June 28, Speed­ing – 25 to 34 Over, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended

Erin Natalie Eskew, 29, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Shannon El­iz­a­beth Evans, June 29, Theft by Shoplift­ing

Ave­sha D;An­dria Fenton, 27, Cov­ing­ton, June 28, Theft by Shoplift­ing

Mau­rice Syeaf For­man, 23, Cov­ing­ton, June 28, Driv­ing With­out Li­cense

James Te­mar­ius Ge­orge, 26, Cov­ing­ton, June 23, Stop Signs and Yield Signs, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than One Ounce

El­iz­a­beth Di­nah Gilchrist, 51, Por­terdale, June 24, Hold for Other Agency

Brian Alexan­der Glasper, 35, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Pub­lic Drunk­en­ness

Brian Alexan­der Glasper, 35, Cov­ing­ton, June 29, Crim­i­nal Tres­pass

Ja­mariyae Lean­tae Glover, 22, Cov­ing­ton, June 27, Bat­tery

Nor­man Go­tel, 47, At­lanta, June 27, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended

Ash­ton Di­aunte Grer, 22, Cov­ing­ton, June 26, Driv­ing While Li­censes Sus­pended, No Seat Belts,

Vana Yvonne Hawkins, 47, Lo­ganville, June 26, Bur­glary

Jesse Dy­lan Hill, 24, Cov­ing­ton, June 28,

Joel Thomas Hughes, 49, El­li­jay, June 26, Con­tempt of Court

Ray­mond Clyde Isaacs, 68, Cov­ing­ton, June 27, Hold for Other Agency

Edward Charles Jackson, 22, Cony­ers, June 30, Sus­pended, Re­voked or Can- celled, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than One Ounce, No Proof of In­sur­ance

Lolithia Leshaun Jeff, 21, Cov­ing­ton, June 29, Lo­cal Or­di­nance

Der­rick Ramel Jen­nings, 21, Cov­ing­ton, June 27, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than One Ounce

Noel Eric John­son, 26, Green Woods, MS, June 27, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana Less Than One Ounce, Driv­ing While Li­cense sus­pended, No Proof of In­sur­ance, De­fec­tive Equip­ment

Yrone Peren­thes Jus­tice, 42, Cov­ing­ton, June 27

Aaron Allen Kline, 30, Cov­ing­ton, June 27,

An­thony La­mar Les­lie, 32, June 30, Sim­ple Bat­tery, Ob­struc­tion or Hin­der­ing Law, Vi­o­la­tion of a TPO

Robert Slade Mal­com, 20, Ox­ford, June 29, Pos­ses­sion of Mar­i­juana

Rae­fal Mata McGrew, 28, St. Matthews, SC, June 23, Pos­ses­sion, Manu, Dis­trib, Etc., Pos­ses­sion of Firearm or Knife Speed­ing – 10-14 Over, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended

Fran­cisco Gar­cia Mon­toya, 58, Cov­ing­ton, June 25, Theft by Shoplift­ing

Cin­della Moore, 44, Cov­ing­ton, June 27, June 27

Michael Dwayne Mor­gan, 39, So­cial Cir­cle, June 26, Theft by De­cep­tion

Michael Wayne Mor­gan, 46, Cov­ing­ton, June 26, Theft by De­cep­tion

Arthur James Mur­ray, 55, Cov­ing­ton, June 28,

James McClenon Nail, Jr., 22, So­cial, June 24, Head­gear and Eye Pro­tec­tive De, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended

Justin Ray Nave, 25, Cov­ing­ton, June 29, Pub­lic Drunk­en­ness

Shu­con­drea Cor­nisha Nol­ley, 22, Ox­ford, June 24, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended, Stop Signs and Yield Signs

Stan­ley Lee Nol­ley, 58, Ox­ford, June 27, ,

Bruce Smith Perry, 22, Cov­ing­ton, June 27

Jennifer Michelle Poore, 30, Mon­ti­cello, June 25, Theft By Shoplift­ing

Miguel Ramos Ramos, 33, GA, June 28, Im­proper Lane Us­age, Driv­ing With­out Li­cense

Kiera Shan­ice Reid, 22, Cov­ing­ton, June 29, Dis­or­derly Con­duct

Yakeisha T Ross, 37, Cov­ing­ton, June 27, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Quin­nethia Keiere Rus­sell, 21, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Sim­ple Bat­tery

Tre­vis An­to­nio Sims, 39, Cov­ing­ton, June 27,

James An­thony Spray­berry, 52, Cov­ing­ton, June 24, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended

Matthew Ja­mar Starks, 23, Litho­nia, June 29, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended, Fail­ure to Stop at

Jonathan Reid Strawn, 54, Cov­ing­ton, June 27,

Ieshia Sham­brel Thomas, 19, Cov­ing­ton, June 29, Bat­tery

Wayne Thomp­son, 47, Cony­ers, June 30, Speed­ing – 14 to 24 Over, Driv­ing While Li­cense Sus­pended

Wil­liam Joseph Toath, 33, Cony­ers, June 30, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

Ger­maine Uwama­horo, 22, Stock­bridge, June 29, Pub­lic Drunk­en­ness

Char­lene Re­nee Waithe, 44, Cov­ing­ton, June 25

Ani­qua Sharod Wash­ing­ton, 19, Cony­ers, June 30, Theft by Shoplift­ing

Keeli Re­nee Wright, 31, Cov­ing­ton, June 26, Bat­tery, Cru­elty to Chil­dren

James Lawrence Zellers, 29, Jones­boro, June 29, Pub­lic Drunk­en­ness

Stan­quethia Deshun An­der­son, 24, Cov­ing­ton, July 7, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion, Theft by De­cep­tion, Dis­or­derly con­duct

Thomas Lee Barnes, 29, Cony­ers, July 2, Pro­ba­tion Vi­o­la­tion

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