Be very afraid, es­pe­cially for your chil­dren


On July 1, 2014, I wrote a syn­di­cated col­umn ti­tled “What If Ter­ror­ists Used In­fec­tious Dis­eases.” I pos­tu­lated that Amer­ica is be­ing placed in mor­tal dan­ger as il­le­gal aliens, to which I specif­i­cally add the tens of thou­sands of il­le­gal alien chil­dren, are flood­ing our bor­ders.

I wrote: “It is a fact that no one, not govern­ment nor oth­er­wise can be­gin to quan­tify the dan­ger we face from dis­ease born by il­le­gal aliens. Il­le­gals com­ing from third world coun­tries are not the rich and well ed­u­cated who were able to seek health­care in their coun­try of ori­gin. They are the least ed­u­cated and the poor­est. And let there be no ques­tion they are in­fected dis­ease car­ri­ers. But, the govern­ment won’t tell us that. Fool­ish and mis­guided Amer­i­cans are blind to the ter­ror, i.e., the il­le­gals, they are ad­vo­cat­ing have a right to be re­warded with cit­i­zen­ship for break­ing our sov­er­eign laws. They ig­no­rantly fancy them­selves as show­ing ‘di­vine love’ when in re­al­ity they are sen­tenc­ing their com­mu­ni­ties to un­told po­ten­tial mis­ery.”

Not sur­pris­ingly, lib­er­als ac­cused me of hate-mon­ger­ing; they ar­gued that “as a black man, I should un­der­stand the dis­crim­i­na­tion” these il­le­gals are fac­ing and that I should be more em­pa­thetic.

Even mis­guided wannabe Con­ser­va­tives railed against me. Their ar­gu­ment be­ing, that as church-go­ers, we should want to help these “poor chil­dren.”

I stood my ground with­out apol­ogy, ex­plain­ing that the United States is be­ing placed at se­ri­ous risk even if ter­ror­ists did not launch such an at­tack. Not that I take any so­lace in be­ing right, but I was proven to be spot on in my con­cerns and pos­tu­la­tion.

On Wed­nes­day, July 16th, I re­ceived a brief­ing re­port ti­tled “Rush the Border of the United States” pre­pared by my good friend and col­league, Dr. Lyle Ra­packi.

The sec­ond point in Dr. Ra­packi’s re­port reads: “The now na­tion­ally dis­cussed med­i­cal fears are begin­ning to man­i­fest. Re­ports by Border Pa­trol fa­cil­i­ties hold­ing il­le­gal chil­dren and mil­i­tary bases used like­wise, now re­port strong cases, and quickly spread­ing cases of pneu­mo­nia, TB, sca­bies, par­a­sitic dis­eases not even seen pre­vi­ously in Amer­ica, sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted dis­eases, se­vere swine flu. Iso­lated for now, cases of po­lio are re­ported in South­ern states. A Navy base in San Diego has been forced to seal a por­tion of the base due to se­vere pneu­mo­nia by il­le­gal chil­dren. Just to­day, re­ports are begin­ning to reach the light of day of lep­rosy cases in New York and other se­vere skin dis­eases from il­le­gal chil­dren dropped off in that city. We have not even be­gun to see the health chal­lenges await- ing us from these third­world chil­dren, and when school opens in a month, their co-min­gling will cre­ate po­ten­tial night­mares given that most of these dis­eases have a 30-45 day in­cu­ba­tion pe­riod, which should ex­pire about the time of the school sea­son. For the many who will prob­a­bly not even see a school door, they will be turned loose (many al­ready have been re­leased into Amer­ica), and their hy­giene and gen­eral mind-set of par­tic­i­pat­ing in so­ci­ety will not match the cul­tural val­ues of our coun­try, nor will they care. In the small com­mu­nity of Or­a­cle, Ari­zona, cit­i­zens are alarmed that the in­bound il­le­gal chil­dren are sick, not be­ing prop­erly screened or treated and will be­come a bur­den to their com­mu­nity, not to men­tion if they re­quire med­i­cal treat­ment and are taken to the com­mu­nity health fa­cil­ity, what trans­mit­ted dis­eases will be taken to the health fa­cil­ity with the host? Will the com­mu­nity now be­come at health risk? Who will pay for these treat­ments, or the re­sults of con­tam­i­na­tion?”

If that doesn’t give you cause for con­cern, what will? As if on cue lib­er­als ac­cused me of fear-mon­ger­ing, to which I say, they are ab­so­lutely right! I am rais­ing the specter of fear. Some­one sure has to. The me­dia isn’t. The politi­cians aren’t. And the Obama govern­ment is bul­ly­ing peo­ple into si­lence about this threat.

The dis­eases from in­fected il­le­gal chil­dren flood­ing across our bor­ders raises the very real threat (read even­tu­al­ity) of dis­eases on epi­demic lev­els hereto­fore un­seen in Amer­ica. And Obama’s re­sponse is to taunt Congress and play golf.

Our chil­dren will be at­tend­ing classes with in­fected chil­dren. Our hos­pi­tals and restau­rants are em­ploy­ing in­fected il­le­gals. Pris­ons are be­com­ing in­cu­ba­tion cham­bers of dis­ease as more in­fected il­le­gals are ar­rested and in­car­cer­ated with un­sus­pect­ing in­mates — in­mates who will them­selves be­come in­fected and re­leased at some point back into so­ci­ety.

Hav­ing read this, you are free to call me a fear mon­ger as well; but when your fam­ily mem­ber be­comes in­fected, re­mem­ber who it was that warned you. And with that said, re­mem­ber that the main­stream me­dia, which func­tions as the bureau of ag­it­prop for Obama and politi­cians on both sides of the aisle, failed to say any­thing at all.

Politi­cians, specif­i­cally Repub­li­cans, are push­ing amnesty upon us fully know­ing that they are plac­ing our coun­try at em­i­nent risk. The ques­tion we should be ask­ing is why our fed­eral govern­ment would know­ingly do this to us?

My­chal S. Massie is the for­mer Na­tional Chair­man of the con­ser­va­tive black think tank, Project 21-The Na­tional Lead­er­ship Net­work of Black Con­ser­va­tives; and a mem­ber of its par­ent think tank, the Na­tional Cen­ter for Pub­lic Pol­icy Re­search. You can find more at my­

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